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Pathfinders enter

Ogre says, "Hey Bob the Pathfinders finally found out what a pathetic wretch you are."

Bob adjusts his flaming top hat..."Get em Ogre"

"What, ... hey Im a venture cap...oh crap sorry guys, this is gonna hurt you more than me."

As Bob runs away. Ogre starts his grab constrict release.

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Hi my name is Ogre, I have issues with my summoner Bob, he's such a lecherous villian. Anyway its been 4 days since I've been angry... (looks at the rest of you) Where is the support people, you should say Hi Ogre...

Wait Bob that guys got a wayfinder.

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BobTheCoward wrote:
Ogre and Bob Dolon wrote:

Grappling - if you can survive to round 2 its very effective against a single foe. Against groups it becomes more of a hindrance.

A grappling eidolon (where death is irrelevant) is truly broken.

Irrelevant? I'm sure experiencing death on the material plane repeatedly is high on the suck list. We know summoned outsiders still feel pain.

My buddy was summoning a hellhound repeatedly to get cursed..after the 6th or 7th instance the GM responded

"Evil Fido is not accepting calls today, please leave your name, planar location, current request, and Evil Fido will get back to you at his earliest convenience"

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Grappling - if you can survive to round 2 its very effective against a single foe. Against groups it becomes more of a hindrance.

A grappling eidolon (where death is irrelevant) is truly broken.

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Holgan Holywood wrote:

PREACH ON BROTHER HOLGAN, (as a Huge Eidolon sporting a belt of the Anaconda looks downward).


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Bob shakes his head, "guess we need a lawyer. Page the Meri Doc, Sue tell him he has a patient in the main hall." Bob clicks off a haste.

The miniature dragon perks up and zooms out the door towards the Darkive. Bob adds, "Meri's a strange one but a fine doctor."

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A white tuxedo half elf wearing a ruby studded vest smiles and taps a wand. His perfect white hat covered in flames, ejects a small flying dragon that lightly taps the fallen Pathfinder. The dragon returns to the flames and wraps himself back around the brim.

Hello Im Bob. I see the blood has stopped. You'll be fine in a few days.

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Its not a nerf, the foe gets a chance to damage you in one round before its over. Id rather not have single round gargantuan monsters grapple winning combat in one turn.

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The tetori is a decent grappler.

The summoner's eidolon makes a pretty good grappler due to strength, Grab, and size improvements.

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I have umd past 35
for a half dozen wands
For numerous scrolls (including bolife)
To operate various magical machinery

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Bob - I expect you mean Polypurpose Panacea.

Ogre - Hey!

Bob hands the enlarge person extract back. He seems to be pocketing the other vial.

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Ogre intercepts the bottle. Now wait up there Mr. Dont be trying to foist this concoction on Bob. He's susceptible to illicit things. Ogre snifs the bottle's contents and hands it back to Depeche.

Bob - Ogre is a kill joy, just because I went on a bender for a few days..

Ogre - two weeks.

Bob ...doesn't mean I am any more or less susceptible than...well yeah I am.

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Bob responds - Depeche the tent and food, beyond the carcass, are my doing and will be sufficient for a hundred persons. Feel free to use the mugs and goblets, but as with any magical creation beyond the tent they will vanish.

We Chelaxians of the Darkive are generous and kind. By all means bring your grandmother here and one of my clerical friends will resilve her ailment.

Ogre - wow Bob you're much nicer than usual.

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Bob - Dearest Zarta, as the phoenix sheds its embers and is reborn so too my loyalty and devotion reignites for the Darkive. I will loyaly bring such persons as necessary to complete the task. Perhaps the cyphermages of Riddleport may be a good possibility?

Ogre - you're not foolin anyone Bob

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1. Why are we pathfinders Bob? You're the Pathfinder Ogre I'm merely the fight promoter.
2. I doubt you'd find Bob and Ogre Dolon in any book...we like to keep it that way.
3. Bob's from Varisia, Ogre's from Celestia. Our backgrounds make the perfect odd couple.
4. Bob's clad in a pure white Tuxedo with 1-6k of diamonds or rubies on the lapels (depending on how that roll fares each day.) Ogre wears his wrestling tights.
5. Ogre likes to fight evil. Bob likes to participate in certain infernal liasons.
6. Demons - They don't belong here.
7. We have and rely on each other.
8. As a half elf I go along to get along. Ogre fights the good fight, whenever he can.
9. Ogre - what is fear bob. Bob - my constant state of alert to ever present danger. Ogre - so its kind of like peanut butter - it sticks with you. Bob - Yes Ogre fear is like an emotional peanut butter.
10. My most treasured possession is my rod of splendor (for making my weekly fighting ring & buffet).

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Ogre, "Bob be a sport and pop the tent. These guys are running low on food."

Bob smirks and gestures with a platinum Rod, a palatial feast appears bedecked by a silken pavilion. "Have fun Ogre we're nearly retired. "

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Bob, "I spent a cool 1k on clothes jewelry and furs to walk around in luxury. It provides nothing more than ..."

Ogre, "you spent 1k gold to look like a pimp. Which you're not, because I'm not a hooker."

Bob responds, "we all do it for money Ogre...even if I'm the only one collecting."

Ogre, "You're such a weasel Bob."

Bob smiles, "go get pretty Ogre, another fight will start soon..can't have my star looking like a Hobo."

Ogre grumbles something about Summoner's and getting their just desserts in Hell.

Bob mumbles something about having lots of friends already there or on their way.

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Bob, "see Ogre it all worked out. Zarta's just a nice librarian....."

Ogre replies, "good luck with that bluff, you're not fool in anybody."

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Ogre responds, Vrock - demon chicken, he put up a good fight till I broke his neck...then he got all quiet and lawful.

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Bob (clearly half elven in a pure white tuxedo with ruby gemstones studded down the lapels. He sets his top hat down apparently on fire with a dozing psudodragon asleep in the embers). I heard there was some kind of fight club at the baby shower going on. Couldn't help but stop in to see it. Ogre find something convenient for me to rest and a bottle of the Chelaxian Red if they have it.

Ogre (an idyllic handsome giant of a man wearing wrestling store - both ogre and bob share a runic symbol on their foreheads) What? Get your own darn chair you layabout. I wrestle Vrocks and all you do is whine about the cold.

Bob glances back as an unhappy Ogre searches for the most uncomfortable chair available.

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Summoners brokenness stems from the ability to at will modify the eidolon on the fly using the aspect spells. Infinite versatility in movement perception and damage mitigation. Unlike other races/classes which have fixed spells or abilities.

Then the eidolon is a throw away PC. Once its gone you pull out whatever monster you like for the situation at hand.

Then your spell list has all the improvements necessary. Cast by an armored caster. Where is the weakness?

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Multiple heads with poison bites sounds interesting

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Level1 Gunsligner, 3 Ninja - Tiefling.
Darkness - walk around sneak attacking flat footed touch to those without darkvision.

Summoner at level 4 - gets haste and can enlarge eidolon.
Eidolon with exotic WP feat & large keen bastard sword / medium keen Falcata

Fey blooded sorceror - how to win friends and influence enemies.
+2 to all compulsions (eg. murderous command, hideous laughter et all.)

flood the zone with stirges +7 touch drain 1 con.

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Bob says,"wow what a time in the Worldwound! Demons, and traitors, and lots of Demons, and wayward souls, and lots more Demons, and traps, and even more Demons. You can't swing a dead Dretch without whacking a Demon or a dozen.

Ogre responds, "Bob you pathetic summoner, you can't even pick up a Dretch, let alone a mouse, let alone a desiccated fly, let alone ...."

"Shut up Ogre."

"yes boss"

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I don't think I've heard people in the way you defined.

However, I have advised a rogue player to hit the guys I had pinned because they can't fight back (IE no dex.) vs. non flanked opponents. I didn't say it the first 2 times.

I also advised a Samurai intercepting flanks from my rogue that I was now offering flanks on him (to the enemy)...Yes it was only in jest, but it did help to enlighten him on future rounds.

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I'm not sure of your level (you're pulling riding dogs at level 8???)


SF Cong
Aug Summon
Superior Summoning
Then how to get to a standard action summon
** if you're a wizard - see above Academe Grad**
** if you're a cleric - Sacred Summons **
** if you're a druid - you're out of luck?**
** if you're a summoner - you do it as a standard action when the eidolon isn't there.**

What to summon:

Level 1 - don't bother, it probably won't help much.

Level 2+
at the early ones Stirges can be interesting as a summoned animal. Darkvision, scent, and flight. +7 touch attack, -1 con then +11 maintain grapple and another -1 con as long as they're on. Stirges really don't work well past 5th level. Stick a few stirges on someone and ask "ready to quit?" If I was losing 2 to 5 con a round, I'd be throwing up my hands.

The spider is decent (if you need to get someone off a wall)
The dolphin is interesting (if you're in the water)

Then you get to level 5.
Lantern Archon - 2 rays +3 ranged touch (d6 - overcomes any DR), aid at will

Then you get to level 7
The bread and butter of several summoners I've witnessed is the medium earth elemental. Slam +9 (unaugmented, +11 aug.) and d8+7 (9 aug) damage. Feats - PA, cleave, and imp bull rush. Movement earth glide.

After that its really your type of summoner
EG - my Chelaxian lawyer - prefers Erinyes (LE)
EG - my standard summoner - prefers Lilends (CG)
ONe of my colleagues perfers large earth elementals.

I say to each his own. But the real power here is you tailor what you need to bring in based on what you need. The summon list is very interesting (animal or monster.)

...and lets face it I agree with the poster above the conjuration list is impressive (pits, grease, etc.) And then you bring in your mobile army.

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Ogre - knowledge is over rated. Bob's got all kinds of books in his head but cant avoid a cheap thrill to save his soul.

Bob - Shut up Ogre

Ogre - yes boss.

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Ogre chimes in - Hey Bob, watch out for the Worldwound - that's puttin it lightly. With the stinging, the biting, the hurting, the popping, the oozing (yeah its the oozing that really gets to me.)

Bob responds - Ogre stop ranting about it, you're back in Absolom. Heck I just bought you a half bushel of waffles from that strange Orisian. Just pretend it never happened. At least you got to fight Demons, you loved that part.

Ogre looks disgruntled and mumbles about certain favors to certain Chelaxians being overly priced.

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(Ogre) Demons are easy pickings Valeria. They act all crazy and wild, but lock them in a Ogre neckbreaker special and whammo..they get all quiet and orderly like. The silence of the dead.

Torchy - Bob and I just watched that ... ending? We used to follow ole Torchy here there and everywhere... guess things change.

(Bob) Now we follow Zarta here there and...

(Ogre) Yeah out of ole Torchy's flame and into the Chelaxian fire.

(Bob) She did save your life, Ogre. You should learn to be more thankful. Besides we never did get to play the Egorian circuit before we joined up.

(Ogre) Yeah, thanks.

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"That's one cute Hellknight," Ogre interjects. "I can see what lured you to Cheliax.."

Bob, "Sorry Ma'am, poor Ogre is simple in his dedication to the eradication of demons...and from what I suspect, he may consider waffles demonic."

"You joined the forces of Hell, and you call me simple."


"Ok OK you make nice with the Hellknight, I'll make nice with the waffles."

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Ogre looks up from his waffles, this is Absolom (or at least it was when I started eating waffles). Why do you trouble honest confectioners or alchemicers...Bob pay more money these are good, I want some to go.

Bob...sighs and find some more coins.