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Functional and helpful


Having ran several sessions of 2e so far and used these cards in almost everyone one, they get the job done.
I have seen some of the complaints about not having 4 copies of every condition and what not BUT in real world application (atleast at my table) This was never an issue.
These cards have helped my new roleplayers keep track of what is going on with their character and keep us out of the rulebook flipping back and forth.

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Great but some production flaws


Picked this up at my local game store excited to pop it open and start organizing. The first few Pawns I handled had the front art just fall right off the cardboard, it was as if there was no glue or binding material of any kind to keep it together. As I punched out more of the pawns I had more and more pawns consistently fall apart leading me to super glue repair many of them. Aside from this problem (which was a major headache for me) You get ALOT of pawns in this box and is a great alternative to miniatures.

What I did not like outside of the production issues I have experienced so far is that small number of some creatures like Orcs and others. But I understand the limitations of this box.

My 1 star review is mainly due to the horrible quality I have experienced of pawns themselves, but outside of that this is a solid 4 star product in my opinion.

Full Name

Harbinger, AKA "He who walks foremost" AKA Crow




Inquisitor 1







Special Abilities

Judgement, Sword-trained, Linguistic ability, Stern Gaze, Travel Domain






Common, Tengu dialect

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 15
Charisma 7

About Harbinger AKA Crow

Wears well-worn travelling clothing and a leather hat with a silver buckle on it, carries a greatsword strapped to his back.