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No posts. Organized Play character for Lou Diamond.

Organized Play Characters

The Exchange Kaleb 755

Male Hafling Rogue [Scout 10] Gunslinger [Musket Master 1] (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Geb

Male Human Cleric 1 (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Geb 946
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Ingmer Larson
(1 post)

Grand Lodge Grunar Ironaxe

Male Dwarf Ranger [Beast Master 9] (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Grunar Thunderhamer

Male Dwarf Rager 2 deepwalker (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Raphael chosen of the Lady

Male Aasamir Angel blooded Paladin [Hospitlar 9] (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Rodrigo Hamer of Asmodeus

Male Thiefling 1 fighter 5 inquistor (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Rongash Nightkilla
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Saul The Punisher

Male Angel blooded Assaimar Slayer/1 (4 posts)

Grand Lodge Nori Rockfist

Male Dwarf Hunter (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Athos
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Magnus the Red

Male Human Magus /11 bladebound (4 posts)