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No posts. Organized Play character for Dragonmaster_Ben.

Organized Play Characters

The Concordance Grimm Bookworm

male Gnome Student of War 1, Bard 2(Archivist) , Monk 2(Master of Styles), Samurai 1, Gunslinger 2 (Pistoleer) (1 post)
Initiate of Flame
Silver Crusade Hartmut der Rote

male Dwarf Barbarian 7 (Armored Hulk) (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Archimedes Tealeaf

male Half-Orc Wizard 2 (0 posts)
Sovereign Court Lungwang Phac

female Human Tian-Dan Sorcerer 1 (Draconic Bloodline: Sovereign) (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Bali Ubud

male Wayang Bard 1 [Shadow Puppeteer / Geisha] (0 posts)
Abra Lopati
The Exchange Conner Queen

male Human Monk 1 (Zen-Archer) (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Choi Hwarang

female Human (Tian-Hwang) Monk 1 (Hungry Ghost Monk) (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Kal of Azlant

male Human (Azlanti) Sorcerer 1 (Crossblooded Imperial/Abyssal) (0 posts)
Mage Sniper
Dark Archive Güldenstern

male Aasimar Sorcerer 1 (Crossblooded Sylvan/Martyr) (0 posts)
The Exchange Cougar Firepelt

male Ifrit Bloodrager 4/ Monk (Master of Many Styles) (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Toriyama

male Tengu Rogue 1 [Swordmaster] (0 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Liberty's Edge Lucky O'hara

Bard 2 (Archeologist) (0 posts)

The Exchange Noi Nüng

male Halfling Rogue 3 (0 posts)
The Concordance Viridian Emeraldor

male Oread Monk 5 [Student of the Stone/Qui-Gong Monk] (0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Mizu no Geisha

female Undine Bard 1 (Watersinger / Songhealer) (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Dao Stormrider

female Sylph Wizard 1 (Wind Listener) (0 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos
Liberty's Edge Shizen Ryoku

Ifrit Immolator 1 (Inquisitor) (0 posts)

The Concordance Kojima Tails

male Kitsune Sorcerer [Nine-Taled Heir] 1 (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Payanar

male Nagaji Gunslinger 1 [Gun Tank] (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Dead Level Oner
(0 posts)

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Hoshi Amatatsu

male Human Solarian 1 (0 posts)

Wayfinders Placeholder of Ben
(0 posts)

The Exchange Djessy Quickblade
(0 posts)