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I have a suspicion about Salacious, but will wait on judgement. He seams harmless enough. His intent really is to help. That's all I will say at this time. I know he's not mine or your's sweetie and I don't think we picked it up along the way. Treyvor swears it's not his doing but can we trust a speed demon coach driver? Sorry about the demon reference. NOT

See you all in a few. Nena

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Sweetie, I think she is Hobart's niece and he's her uncle. Not daughter and father. But we get the picture. And Thanks for the complements.

It also seems the boy of the servant that came with us turned out to be quite the artisan glass worker. I think he'll be returning as soon as he gets his mother's permission. Amieko was very pleased with his ability and offered him a position at the Glass Works.

Hobart assures us that the Kaijitsu manner will still be there when we finish our business up North. It is good to see him feeling better. He is a good man and I told him I couldn't wait to return and have a big party at his place when we get back.

Hearing this he said why wait and he hosted a grand feast for us and all our families the night before our departure. Lugh's family, Birgun's (and there were a lot of them). One of Birgun's cousins made him look small, Kriger is his name. Kiara came with Birgun's family too. A bit bruised but looking very happy, probably still trying to stake a claim on Birgun. She is persistent, I'll give her that. The little time I had to talk with her I found out she had been a bit mad at Birgun but that it all worked out. What worked out? I thought but got caught up in another conversation with Felu.

Macer's family, Atz's, Kelyn's mom and Margrete, Sam and Felu, Vex, Oona and even Treyvor, our ghostly coach spirit, made an appearance that night (how, why) he seemed very solid the entire time he spent at the party. And it was he and Hobart laughing and talking in hushed tones that surprised me. I couldn't help but wonder what they were up to, maybe nothing but they did smile when ever I made eye contact with them. ummmmm

It was good to have this time together. Friends - All was right with the world that night.

I have no idea if Treyvor stayed with us at Deverin's but he was there at breakfast in the morning talking to Birgun. Sure eats a lot if he's a ghost. He did say he missed those kind of parties with us. I have no idea what he means.

It was a good party, reminded me of my childhood and how through those kind of parties a connection with Oona and Felu grew into a life long friendship.

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On the road again but it's an adveture with all my friends. I think it's marvelous that we are all together. Who could have imagined that we would meet up and go off on a real adventure together. Kelyn and I stay alert and watch for trouble. Goblins and orc's are only a part of the problem. We've encountered humans and now what we thought might be Drow (sorry Felu) turned out to be some pale underground humans that explode when they die. How weird is that. I asked Felu about them but she had no answer. She didn't know what they were either.

We've moved on to the halfway inn and decided to rest a couple of days. In the morning I was just getting all snugly with Kelyn when Felu shouted an alarm and BOOM her pistol announced intruders. So much for a nice morning and breakfast. This is actually starting to be fun. Rise and shine, sweetie time to earn our keep. Quickly I kissed Kelyn and jumped out of our nice warm tent.

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I am still awaken by dreams of fire since the goblin attack on the Inn.

That was a bad night. I woke coughing to a gagging smoke. Kelyn refused to even put anything on but his small close, so cute. Really we had no time to get much of anything on. Kelyn was gathering what he could and tossing it out the window. He dipped a rag in a bowl of water and tied it so it covered his mouth. He dipped a second rag and handed it to me, I did the same and then started tossing items out the window again. Then after assuring ourselves that everyone on this floor was at least on their way out, we both deftly made our escape. Windows were the only means of exiting the Inn from the second floor. The fire had spread so rapidly it was imposable for anyone to make it from the second floor to the first or the third. In my mind that made the biggest impression. I was thinking those people already had succumb to the smoke or had jumped to their death to escape the flames but there were also goblins that needed our immediate attention. The thought of those on the third floor had to sit in the back of my mind, and they did. Kelyn and I ran towards the front of the Inn, fighting goblins the whole way. We could tell the Inn was a total loss but the stable and horses looked as if they could yet be saved. The fire hadn’t spread as quickly there, even though there were several horses with goblin fire bombs that had caught them on fire. Birgun shouted to me that someone was getting everyone out of the third floor. I asked how but he was to busy to answer. Good I thought.

That’s a big Orc.

I saw a couple of our troupe putting them out with water. There was also a water brigade that was doing a good job of putting out the fire on the stable especially after we started killing the goblins and keeping them away from the scarni. There were two huge Orcs as well but nothing scared me like that fire.

It’s been just over a day now and we’ve arrived at Sandpoint, a very nice and well kept town, I was surprised at how home like it felt. Not in it reminded me of Magnimar, far from it, it just felt comfortable. And the smell of food when we were unloading at the stable, was overwhelmingly delightful. That’s where we all headed as soon as we were done at the stable. On the other side of the road from us was a clothing boutique, I’ll need to visit there along with Felu and Oona. Others went on into town but the troupe had no intention on missing out on the food. Even the boutique would have to wait.

The Rusty Dragon with its large iron dragon looking down on us from the roof was where all the wonderful smells of food were coming from. We walked in and were greeted by the owner, Ameiko Kaijitsu, a Tean, by the look of her. Birgun, Lugh, Macer and even Atz had smiles on their faces when they saw her. And I’m sure Kelyn and Sam did too, I just didn’t look at them. Men! After welcoming us to her establishment she introduced herself and sat us at a large table. Birgun inquired about her name and said that we had escorted a couple of wagon-loads of goods for the Glass-works. She indicated that indeed that was her business as well but that others actually ran it, she was the last of the family since her father and brother’s deaths, some five years ago.

We ordered drinks and she recommended different selections off the menu for each of us asking us to try a little of everything so we did. Best meal ever!!! We thanked her and acquired rooms for the night. Kelyn and I went up to our room and ordered a bath. After a wonderfully hot bath with perfumed soap, much to Kelyn’s chagrin, We moosed around a bit before going out. To the boutique, just to look I told Kelyn and that’s what we did. He made me look from the board walk through the window, saying that he knew I’d be back with the girls later and we needed to get “regular” gear first. Spoiled sport. He was right though because I saw the prettiest boots as I gazed through the window. And that short dress would just drive Kelyn crazy. Off to see the rest of this absolutely wonderful town.

Up by the Garrison, between it and the Town Hall, was a stone paved courtyard with monument dedicated to the Fallen Hero’s of Sandpoint. There were eight figures - a Dwarf, a Halfling, an Elf, three male Humans a female Tean and even a half Orc. It said they defended the town from Goblins and an attack by giants and a dragon. Wow, I was thinking this was a sleepy little town, I was obviously mistaken.

We continued our walking and went into a very nice three story tavern and inn named The White Deer but unfortunately because of the owner we didn’t stay long. What a sour puss. It was a pity because I would have liked to stay there, very posh. Kelyn doesn’t care for that kind of place but I think it would be nice to stay at a place like that, especially after being on the road for three days, okay maybe a day but still.

We gathered some necessaries and went back to the Rusty Dragon for supper. Yummy.
The troupe was slowly but surely arriving and we sat at the same large table as before. After we had eaten and drinks started flowing the tavern started filling up with patrons. Then this gorgeous little gnome woman came in and the crowd erupted with applause and cheers. I heard the name Moxie shouted several times as the gnome waved to Ameiko, who grabbed a stringed musical instrument of some sort and headed out into the crowd to join the gnome in song. Ameiko played amazingly but the gnome, Moxie was just over the top with her wit and stories. She played the crowd like a professional actress working them into frenzy after frenzy. There was a time when she was telling a story without Ameiko’s accompaniment and Ameiko was standing closer to us laughing and nodding her head to the story that was being told. Then in walked the man from the road by the halfway inn. I looked around at the troupe and even though they saw him everyone was ignoring him. Except Kelyn. He pointed at him and said is that the guy you were talking about.

Lugh almost spit out his drink and burst out of his chair and walking towards the man and bumping into just about everyone, started talking to the guy. The man was asking about Kiara. The woman who had saved the people on the third floor when the inn had burned. She was known to some as an assassin from the Night Scales, an organization from Magnimar. And this Fhalkahn fellow it seemed was too. Anyway Lugh was explaining to Fhalkahn that someone had indeed seen Kiara and was rambling on and on. It was so unlike him to do so. Then Macer started asking all kinds of questions, like who the hell were they all talking about. Kiara who, when did you see her, he asked Lugh. I didn’t said Lugh but others have. The conversation between Macer and Lugh didn’t go long as this Fhalkahn fellow shouted at Lugh and said “Stop! Have you seen her or not?”

I could tell that things were heating up and thought about the crowd but when I looked at them they were unaware of the shouting match that was at our table and instead they were all captivated by the little gnome, laughing at something Moxie was saying. Moxie was keeping the crowd from noticing anything else that was going on in the tavern. Ameiko, on the other hand, was very much listening to what was going on at our table so much so that she was even facing Fhalkahn and had that look about her that she was ready to spring. It was only then that I realized that she had been armed the whole time. Even when we first met but I didn’t ever feel she was a threat. I could feel it now though. All of a sudden my view of her changed, I think she’s a very capable woman and one that was about to defend her patrons.

That’s when Birgun stood up and said, “I have seen the woman you described. Kiara. She saved my life two days ago so I don’t think I’ll be telling you any more about her. I don’t think she would like meeting you anyway so why don’t you just leave, now. I don’t want any trouble in this inn and you wont get any information from me concerning her anyway.” Everyone at the table and even Ameiko was looking at Fhalkahn like they were about to pounce. Fhalkahn nodded his head towards Birgun and slowly backed out of the tavern never taking his eyes off the troupe. When he was gone I felt a weight lift and saw Ameiko give Birgun a nod as well. That’s when we all found out about Kiara and Sam and Felu. That’s not even the best part.

Later that night, I had another dream about the fire, okay nightmare. Anyway I decided to go downstairs and see if I could get something to eat or drink to settle me a bit. I went to the kitchen and there was Ameiko, Felu, Moxie the gnome, a lady I didn’t know named Shalelu and Kiara. All talking in almost hushed tones. They were to excited to be to quite. They startled at first but smiled when they realized it was me. Kiara and Felu were talking about what Felu had done to defeat the demon that was trying to kill Sam the night of the fire. Felu was nervous and embarrassed for not knowing what she had done. Kiara said she could still sense the demons taint in Felu but that it didn’t feel like anything she had ever known. Moxie was offering to have her husband come and try to figure it out. He was evidently a follower of Desna and very good at this kind of thing. Felu agreed and Shalelu headed off to get Moxie’s husband.

Why not just go to the town priest I asked but Moxie said that Xandu, her husband was better for this kind of thing plus he just loves adventures and this is as close to one as I will allow him right now. Then she laughed. Her eyes were bright with mischief. She could barely contain her excitement. It wasn’t long before Shalelu showed back up with this strange looking Varisian half elf with a wide brim hat and brightly colored clothes, definitely a follower of Desna. But what could he do for Felu that a priest couldn’t do. He came in and kissed Moxie first and thanked her for asking him here. He took off his hat and bowed to Ameiko as if she were a queen. “Who is in need of my services? You all look quite capable to handle any demons that might be around.” He looked around the room and I felt a little nervous as his eyes fell on me. I realized I was not properly dressed for a man to be ogling me, not that he was but I do think he enjoyed our “attire” or lack there of, should I say. His gaze didn’t last overly long. I didn’t get “That Feeling” from him. I was just acutely aware of my lack of proper clothing. When he looked at Felu though, there was a definite pause. “Oh“, he said, “I see. You’re the one.” He then took Felu’s hands in his and said this will not hurt and it will take but a minute, relax, you’re fine. He closed his eyes. After what seemed a long time, he opened his eyes and said, “Whatever you did to that demon is just fine. The important part now is what you do with it now that you have it.”

Felu and the rest of us just sat there in silence. “What do you mean, Do with it now that you have it. Have what?” Moxie asked breaking the silence. Xandu replied “You see, sweetie, somehow this young lady has absorbed a demon. She didn’t kill it or destroy it or even send it back from where ever it came from. She kept it and is holding it inside her and can use it to do wondrous things but she still needs to be careful of what she does with it. Smaller task’s will use less of the essence but large task’s will take more of it’s essence and using it all at once would be most disastrous.”

“Like what? What can I do with it and why do I need to be careful.” Felu asked, letting go of his hands. His voice was calm as if he was talking about sunshine. “You could heal someone or hurt someone but the point is the more of the essence or power if you will, you use at one time, it can change you. And not in a better way. If you were to use it for instance to heal a small cut there would be no backlash or if you used it to be get an edge on a dealing with another, like bargaining, again there would be no backlash but if you tried to do something beyond that like healing a dieing person or a giant fireball, those kinds of things “would” result in that demons essence reflecting back to you. You would take on a more demonic tone and or appearance.”

“You mean I would become a demon?” Felu asked. “Yes“, was Xandu’s reply. “But who knows, what ever you did and I would love to know what is was that you did, but whatever it was, you can still do it again. If you needed to. Do not worry for you have been given a wonderful gift use it. Just be careful. Just because it was a demon doesn’t make you any different. You have to believe me on that point. You are still you.” With that he turned to Ameiko.

“You have kept my wife out late again. What ever am I to do with you two.” Again he took his hat in hand and gave Ameiko a sweeping bow. Then with much more grace and flourish so did Moxie. Saying, “Until next time. Thanks for a great evening.”

“No. Thank you for that quick move and keeping the rest from seeing the trouble that about took place. And you two don’t you have some place to be right now, other than in my inn.” She said with a smile to Shalelu and Kiara.

“Wait!” Felu asked “Why is Fhalkahn looking for you, Kiara?”

“Because I quit an organization that doesn’t allow you to just quit. I went rouge on them and they feel the need to “eliminate” any lose ends. Thank that huge friend of yours for standing up for me. That is uncommon but I appreciated it anyway.” Shalelu punched Kiara in the arm. “Hey don’t even think it. I saw him first.”

“ Actually, I saw him first.” Said Kiara.

“Alright. Out with the both of you. Or I’ll go right up to his room and ask him which one of you is to his liking.” Ameiko said as she shoed them from the kitchen. Giggling we all said our good-nights.

I felt better. I was a little worried for Felu but that little Varisian didn’t seem to be to worried and he warned her so maybe it will be fine, I hope so. Now those two with their talk about Birgun. I’m going to have to wake Kelyn. Giggle, he won’t mind.

In the morning the troupe decided that we should get a wand of healing because we were going after the goblins in their lair so yeah there’s that. It didn’t take long because there was a big market thing happening and it was easy to find just about anything that one could need. Now we’re going to fight goblins when there could be bargains galore right here. Are you kidding me, lets shop for a while. All I got were stares from the troupe. Well, Felu and Oona at least smiled.

Oh! We were attacked on the very first night of goblin hunting, thank you very much.

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It was a bitter sweet feeling as we neared Magnimar's harbour. I wanted to see the city that I had grown up in but wasn't ready to face my parents. I think Kelyn felt the same way. When the ship docked we went straight to Lugh's house and were greeted by his mom who made us stay for breakfast. She was happy to see us and talked about Lugh leaving to study as a follower of Sarenrae. That seemed like the thing Lugh would do. After breakfast we went to see if any of our friends were still around. It was so different and yet the city was so familiar. I held Kelyn's hand and said let's just get a room for tonight. I'm not ready for family just yet. He agreed but wanted to see if anyone was still around so off we went to find our friends.

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Thankfully the guys made the thugs regret attacking us. Oona nervously shouted at the dieing men that her father was a vampire and would kill us all as if they were purposely delaying her/our escape. With that announcement we ran even harder for Sarenrae's temple.

We had to have been a sight to any onlookers but we didn't care. We ran as fast as we could and were out of breath when we arrived. We went in all hurt and bloodied, locked the back door and checked the front to make sure it was locked too. It wasn't long before we noticed the wounds we had taken from the thugs were starting to heal. Unfortunately the excitement started to wain and sleep fell heavy on us, especially the wounded. I noticed Felu resting against Sam and felt my own personal need to be comforted. Without a care as to what anyone thought, I nesseled into Kelyn's arms. If this was my last night I wanted him to know that I cared for him. Not a word was spoken, he just held me tight.

I must have dozed off because I was shaken awake and there was a loud banging on both the front and back doors. Everyone was preparing for the worst when the front doors burst open and Oona's father was standing even larger as he demanded Oona's departure. We were all ready for a fight, then he spoke a few words and we froze. I really don't know what happened after that. He was there then he wasn't. Lugh said that he had left and wouldn't bother any of us for a long time.

Oona wasn't as sure and wanted to be as far as she could from Magnimar as soon as possible. Arrangements were made and Kelyn took me home.

I woke early the next morning and after a brief synopsis to my mother, who thought I'd been drinking and was making up horrible stories. I got very frustrated and upset that she wouldn't believe me so I ran out of the house not knowing where I was going. I ended up at Kelyn's house and was told by Kelyn's mom that he had already left for Taldor. Taldor? But that's a long way away. I'll never see him again. I thought.

It took me over a month before I finally found him at a bizzar in the capitol city but I found him. And he's been teaching me new art's, one might say.

It's been years now and Kelyn and I have decided to go back to Magnimar. We'll face whatever we need to. I hope to see the gang, I have no idea what has happened with any of my old friends.

Xandu's user started another story and felt Moxie had summed
it up so he moved on. Xandu did stay in Standpoint with Moxie her dog and her raft of otters. They live there now. The Tiefling brothers at the saitarium try their best to keep Kori'el from going further insane.

Xandu and Moxie try to keep a low profile as there are many in the Pathfinder society trying to locate the city of Xin Shalast. They have visited the Nymph on occasion and Ft Ranik along with the other towns that their adventure took them to. For the most part they are happy to stay in Standpoint.

That is until the next time their talents are needed. Only time will tell.

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It was early morning, I was picking some herbs from the garden for mom. She loves her garden and growing herbs, vegetables and especially spices. While there I overheard a woman talking to another woman, something about the clock tower down in Underbridge. They were talking in hushed tones but sounded excited. For some reason they thought tonight would be the only chance for them to get some item from there. My friends have gone inside before on a bet. But didn't stay long. I wonder what they're after. I hadn't heard my mom calling and jumped when she yelled from the back door. The women were also startled and moved away, still talking in whispers.

Mom asked what I was doing and I said I was looking at all the wonderful spices she had planted. She had a great crop this year. Some I didn't know what they were. We started talking about the spices and herbs and I forgot all about the women.

Later the guys came by the house and I stepped inside to tell mom I'd be back for lunch. She was saying something but I was gone. Mom doesn't like me running around with the neighborhood boys but I love it. They're fun and treat me like a normal kid. Not like mom and her rules.

Felu was with the guys and we were headed to Kelyn's to get him too. I like Kelyn, he has the same problem with is dad that I have with my mom. They don't approve of our independence.

We then went to the Colem Works to meet the rest of the gang. Epher said he knew a way into the Gecko. A column that holds up the giant bridge. It's supposed to be haunted. Sam wasn't sure we should even try but the rest of us were so excited that Sam finally said okay but just to see if we could. We didn't have to go in. After a guard talked to us about being careful we were off. The way was pretty easy for us since we were so small. Only Huge and Bags had any trouble. Kelyn and I helped them down to the carved gecko that lead to the window that would take us inside the column.

Macer and Vex had already jumped in and Macer said something about a rope. Kelyn asked for the rope and he and I made a hand hold of sorts to help the others climb back to the bridge. Kelyn is so thoughtful, I don't think the others realize how he looks after them but I do. He's usually watching from the shadows. I'm right there by him, safe.

We all jumped into the room with the window. Huge had a lit torch and was looking around the room and through a door into another room. We were gathering candles, lighting one to leave here so we could find our way out. There were a lot of locked doors. That frustrated Kelyn to no end. He said all he needed was a kitchen knife and he'd be able to open them but no one had a knife.

This place was very big and dark. Vex was having fun running around in the dark, he can see very good. Huge was checking the doors. There was a debate about leaving but Huge and Epher wanted some kind of proof that they had been here. We moved further down to find the proof they needed. At one point Huge slammed a door and said "SPIDER". Kelyn went to help Huge and they carefully opened the door again. Thinking Huge had seen just a small spider, Lugh pushed Huge into the room and he fell into a giant spider. We all screamed but Huge said the spider was already dead and he wanted a piece of it as his proof. We all took a piece. Kelyn and Huge were checking another door when we all heard a scary voice. Then doors started slamming and we could hear footfalls getting closer.

We ran out the room and up to our escape. We were all giggles and scarred at the same time. Once we were safe and on the bridge again we relaxed. It was time for treats. While we ate a man asked about our spider parts. Kelyn was fast with a response. He knew a shop that sold spider parts and we lead the man to it. We waited outside the shop until the man was gone. Some of the guys sold their parts. I did too, the leg creeped me out. I was much happier with the gold. It was then that I remembered the women talking about the clock tower but I had to go home for lunch. I asked if we could go to the clock tower after lunch and everyone agreed.

After we had lunch we meet back up but some didn't show. First we went to an old temple dedicated to Sarenrae abandoned long ago. Lugh wanted to see something and I guess he saw what he needed because he was very different after, calm. Now it's time to see what we can find in the old clock tower. I wonder what could be there that the women were so interested in. Funny, the door to the tower is ajar.........

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The guys said they like the way I look so I should use this avatar. It's older than I am now but I'll get there.

I know my avatar doesn't represent my true nature, Rakshasa but I have a hard enough time with my mom reminding me all the time. How special it is and that I shouldn't run around like a human. Blaw blaw blaw. Okay mom, I'll be back before dark. I promise this time, for real.

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My parents don't approve of my friends. They want me to be more lady like and stay around the house but I love running around town with my friends. It's exciting, not like all the boring parties my mom puts on.

There are several boys that I like and we all get along for the most part. One of the boys has a pet dragon. He's not really a dragon but I'll never tell. They're fun to play with.

Kelyn is strange. He feels he needs to be a great wizard like the rest of his family, so does Epher but Kelyn and I are better at other things like climbing and playing hide and seek.

We often hide together and are never found by the others.

The best part about my friends is they treat me just like any other kid.