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Dungeons and Dragqueens ftw!

thatboomerkid wrote:

This semi-demi-quasi-celebrity status as "the PSA guy" is both a good thing and a bad thing: on the one hand, this contest allows me to prove to people - well, to myself and to my mom, if to no one else - that my writing ability extends beyond the range of "dick jokes, but with dwarves".

The dwarven dick jokes will still be my favorites, Boom.

I'm biased, though.

~~~Nightstalkers, Tordek's Alter Ego

Put me down for Boomer and Christine. Both lots of fun to read.

Good work everyone though! Getting this far is outta control in itself!

Mevers---Heh, Dang that was brutal.

"Good work, excellent stuff, you're really improving!"

......But I'm not voting for you.

Wow! :)

((All in fun, of course))

I agree with the accounts before that this is by far the easiest to read Boomer entry, which makes me happy. A couple of the earlier entries drove me to near madness trying to absorb what's going on through all of the text. This one has good balance of descriptiveness, Boomer flavor, and being reader-friendly with text.

Nice work Boom---Keep on truckin'!

~~~Nightstalkers, Tordek's Alter Ego

Rock out with thine socks out Boomer....I can only twisted villain that will spring from that mind of yours. Excellent work with the world. I'm a big fan of the darkness of the whole setting as I envision it. That and rakshasa make excellent antagonists.

~~~Nightstalkers, Tordek's Alter-Ego

I signed up specifically to congratulate and wish you luck, chief. Your alteregos at DnDOG are pulling for you! Excellent piece of work with the crown, and I forward to what you put together next!

~~~Nightstalkers, Tordek's Alter-Ego