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Best Urban Adventure I've Read in Ages


This piece, and in fact the entire Great City set, is some of the finest urban adventure madness ever to grace fantasy RPGs. The Residential Ward of the Great City comes alive in equal measures of grime and opulence in The Bloody Fix. The wild menagerie of alluring NPCs in this adventure is enough to make any Rogue's Gallery jealous. The plot is first rate, with nice surprises that batter down the cliches we gamers are all too accustomed to.

In this adventure your PCs will enter the grit and blood of fight clubs, where murky politics motivate deadly fixes to the outcomes of these matches, explore haunted manors, and even rock out at poetry slams if they so wish. It is an urban adventure supplying richer environs than any I've played before.

The piece de resistance is the Dread Manse - I love a villain who is also location the party must explore, and this has never been so perfectly realized as it is here. If you haven't checked out The Great City and all the adventures that accompany it, stop making excuses and pick them up - especially if you are fan of urban adventures.