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The intention is that weapons are bolted on. That's why there is a specific amount of time needed to replace and it cannot be disarmed.

But from a gamebalance POV I see no reason to disallow it. Yes, you gain a minimal amount of flexibility, but you can throw it exactly once until you get the returning quality somehow. Even stretching the definition of the weapon mount to have another one as "ammunition" would give you one whole additonal starknife. No biggie, but probably not intended.

Ah, thanks for that input. Well, I'll stay with my idea, but it's still good to know what the original intent was.

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How does that work? How does being from a family of crusaders make you mythic? Or meeting a succubus? And I don't actually find that in either the trait writeup or module 3, where the traits are resolved underwhelmingly as part of the mythic progression.
I don't want to put that off, but where did you get that impression?

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After reading through the adventure path I realized that the actual source of the mythic power for the heroes is quite underwhelming. It is the rest of the exploding ward stones.
How this leads to them having to do mythic challenges in order to rise in mythic levels never made any sense to me, so I flavored that up.
Now, in my specific campaign, the wordlwound actually exists because the players failed in the campaign before.

Failed campaign info:
My players snafud kingmaker and the stolen lands were ripped into the first world. So I made this so daamaging to the structure of reality that it opened the worldwound. The Elders of the first world were seriously unimpressed by this and cursed Nyrissa to become my version of Aarelu. I a bid to lift her own curse, Nyrissa/Aarelu shattered the bottle that contained the stolen lands and out of the shards created the wardstones. Now a part of her personality is trying to guide the players into redeeming her, while another just wants to use them to kill Baphomet and Deskari and take their place. She is also the mother of two of the PC's, while she has made two of the others into demonic halfbreeds, but that's just icing on the top.

So what my players are actually challenging is the combined lifeforce/souls of the former campaign area, represented by the voices of their former characters. So all mythic challenges I do opens them up to more souls/powers/followers that grant them their mythic powers, and I try to link their mythic challenges to something there former character would expect of them/be impressed by. To make it a bit more obscure, I shuffled the characters around, so the characters of other players are guiding new players.
My master plan is for them to gain sooner or later the commune with power ability, and then the players can coach each other from their old PC's point of view!
I am still looking for the equialent of their enemies gaining mythic energy, even though "powered by the essence of fallen demon lords" is already a bit of a parallel.

So, needlessly long intro, how do you play the mythic energy source? What do you do when a player chooses commune with power?

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Thanks a lot, Sc8rpi8n_mjd, for the wonderful work on this. I am only at the beginning of the AP, but my players just encountered Soltengrebbe.
Even though the fight was over in 3 rounds, it gave them their first taste of what mythic enemies can do, and that they really need to plan and work together to end them.
Short breakdown of the fight -
They taunted here down from a cliff that was facing them, resulting in a charge on the dwarfen ranger. Unfortunately I forgot to use the trip from the ram head.
They than hailed down some damage on her, but got stumped by her damage resistance. Only when they started to combine the rangers pack ability, the Paladins Smite/Clarion Call, bardsong Haste and Luck where they able to lend some significant blows.
Still Soltengrebbe ripped apart the Paladin and without prepared resist energy the witch would have gone down to her mythic breath attack.
It was beautifully ended by Anevia with a Sneak attack supported by all the buffs, as she had just seen her husband (we genderswapped Irabeth as she is a PC in our game who felt more comfortable playing a male) struck down.
So Soltengrebbe was struck down by the only non mythic person present, with a cry of "You killed my husband! Prepare to die!"
Without your statblock, this would have been a boring 1 turn kill for the group with no dangers involved. And they are 4 players at level 6/2
I had them gain a mythic tier before Soltengrebbe due to some much more interesting roleplaying then killing a monster.

Absolutely wonderful movie. And looking at all the making of material that is already available baffles me even more. The pure love and artistry that goes into a movie like this.
And I adore the humor. "I don't know if this counts as Origami - I am pretty sure there were scissors involved".
I would love to have my own little Origami Samurai, but I am equally sure I would completely fail in folding it.

Great, I am really looking forward to this, either as participant or as observer ;).
As this would be my first PbP, actually just using the iconics would probably make it a ton easier for me. Just from checking your example, do you look for multiple Posts per day at a specific time? Or is it up to us how much time we invest?
For the avilability of stats, I see no reason not to use the PFS Pregens burnscar linked.

I'd be up both for Crimson Throne and Runelords, either Lem or Merisiel (for some lovey dovey with Kyra ;)