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Titus Scarnetti, before entering the cathedral, gives Anton Ionescu a look taht could kill him if Anton was a lesser man.
Anton realizes he has a new enemy in town.

"And of course you won't get paid, or the wagon drivers or the escort woman!"
He turns and starts riding towards the founding families' mansions outside of Sandpoint.
"If you don't come right away, Stella, you are alone. Disowned. Dead to me."


Titus and his men seem intimidated by Delin Chiri's and Anton Ionescu's words.
"Stella! Come, let's go home to get you out of those... rags..."
The disgust in his words are evident.

Titus Scarnetti examines Stella and his face becomes a mask of fury.
"Why are you dressed like that? Why are you walking? Why are you under the sun? Why..."
He looks around.
"Where is the matron that was supposed to escort you? The guard that was supposed to protect you?"
Then he looks at a very scared Stella again.
"Have anyone... Spoil you? I'll kill you if you are not pure anymore!"
For some strange reason Stella makes a quick glance towards Anton Ionescu.
"Him!!! HIM!!! Seize him! I'll make him pay!"
The half dozen guards that acompany Titus Scarnetti dismount and move towards Anton Ionescu.
Blackjacks start appearing in their hands.

A nobleman leading half a dozen guards or pages appears on the way and screams to everyone in a commanding voice.
"Where is the wagon that left Magnimar with you lot! Tell me at once! Where s the girl that was in the carriage?"