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The Magician, Zomeraand wrote:

He then turns to Pete. "I am very keen on reading a bit of this book. Please don't wait around on my account if there are other things you need to do. I am grateful for all the help you've given me today."

He fishes a silver piece out of his pouch and hands it to Pete.

Lucky Pete smiles widely.

"Thanks Boss! Don't forget to call for me'f you need'nthing"
He leaves the store singing a tune, happy with the world.

Lucky Pete nods and guides you to the street, and after a couple of minutes, sporting a wide smile, elbows you.
"Boss, 'think lady Kaijitsu'as gotten'liking to you!"

"Boss! Thanks the gods you're'live!"
Lucky embraces The Magician Zomeraand strongly. He sure has strength in those arms!
"When'eard what'd'ppened'was worried sick! 'was at the'agfish, none the wiser, we never knew there eas'battle! Then they came to tell's, but when we got'ut'was'll'ver! But'm'appy you're safe and sound! That you'll're safe'nd sound! 'nd'eard that you'll were'eroic! That you'll kill a lot of those gobbos!"

"My pleasure, boss. 'f you'ver need me'gain, 'sk for me at the'ld'agfish!"

Lucky Pete excuses himself.
"I'll make sure she gets there safe, as well as talking her stuff home. "

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Lucky Pete chuckles.
"You teach them boss!"

The Magician, Zomeraand wrote:
”You could see if the young noblewoman will hire you to carry her things, too,” Zomeraand suggests to Pete. ”She seems unlikely to be able to make the journey on foot if she’s going to have to carry all her own things.”

Lucky Pete eyes widen!

"Boss! Please 'cuse me for 'minute!"
He quickly walks (almost runs) towards the Bâlans wagons, returning some 10 minutes later, a wide smile in his face and a new sack on his back.
"Got't Boss! The nice lady told me she doesn't have 'ny coin, but that 's brother will pay 't Sandpoint! 'll pay yu 'beer'n the 'ld'ag for the 'dea, boss!"

The Magician, Zomeraand wrote:

He walks over a pats Lucky Pete on the shoulder. ”It’s a good thing you were here, the wagon would have fallen for certain without your strength. If we were near a tavern, I’d buy your drinks for the evening. Thanks for stepping in like that.”

He says this just loud enough that the young noble woman hears him.

Lucky Pete smiles shyly.

"Thanks boss! 'was nothing."

The Magician, Zomeraand wrote:
"Keep at it," Zomeraand says, wincing and grabbing at his shoulder. "I'm useless for this sort of thing."

Lucky Pete's eyes gain resolve, and he nods.

"Yes boss, I won't let go!"

Lucky Pete seems very worried for The Magician but keeps pushing for the both of them.
Lucky Pete STR Check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

Lucky Pete, without thinking, jumps to grab the horse Lief controlled, trying to avoid the wagon to fall, or in any case, giving it more time for the passengers to get out!
Lucky Pete Str Check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
Lucky Pete's muscles bulge and you all see how his feet slip, inch by inch, into the gorge, as he is delaying the fall, but unable to prevent it by himself.

Around noon Lucky Pete talks to The Magician, Zomeraand, startling him, as the porter has been very quiet all day.
"We will need to stop for lunch soon, boss, 'ven 'f 'arly. Would be dangerous 'n the Brinestump Marsh. Goblins there. Better tell your friends."

The Magician, Zomeraand wrote:
Zomeraand looks to Pete and asks, "Do you want to earn some extra coin pulling guard duty with them tonight?"

Pete seems like he is going to faint.

"Sorry boss, I am not good at fighting. A friend of mine died while doing night watching. That is not for me, no sir!"