Mayor Kendra Deverin

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Kendra stands and looks you intently.
"To offer your help, without asking for reward, without being asked. I see you are real heroes, as the people of my town consider you already. Yes, I will be in your debt if you can go and find more information about the goblins and his master. And for it, and the stolen ashes, I am ready to offer you a 100 GP reward each, even if you haven't asked for it."
After some more courtesies, you depart the town hall. But you before you leave, Kendra smiles while talking to Lief Stoutspear.
"And congratulations on your engagement!"
You exit the town by the north gate, and it's easy to see where the goblins and his companion descended from the wall, with a rope, possibly.
Time to roll for clues.

The major of the town approaches you.
"I am Kendra Deverin, major of Sandpoint. thank you for protecting us. But I need to ask more from you. I got word of a group of goblins attacking the White Deer inn, north of town. Can you go and help them? There are no town guards I can ask them to do it. Please, help us!"