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Anton Ionescu and Etna Venus Van Ash
On the front of the caravan, Carmen Zingari appears from the darkness, all charming and smiling, carrying a big piece of meat, dripping in juices.
"Here boys, mammy got you something nice to eat."
Se throws it towards the wagon where the goblins were hidden, which after a moment show up for "dinner", drooling.
After they get a couple of nibbles of the meat, they turn to see Carmen and finding her "apetecible" and unarmed, starts to approach her.
She feigns, not very well, to be scared.
"Goblins! Oh poor me! Help me, somebody help me!"
She turns and runs into the night, with the goblins in tow, laughing evilly.

Sense Motive DC 10 or Perception DC 15:
Yup, she is leading them into a trap.

The other characters
It is not pretty, but you dispatch all the unconscious Goblins and AFTER that you wake up Anton Chauvelle and Lief Stoutspear. Well, Lief really gets waken up by Ingrid's lapping at his face.
Leeching all the XP from them :)
When you are catching your breath, you hear screaming from the front of the caravan.
"Goblins! Oh poor me! Help me, somebody help me!"
Sense Motive DC 15 or Perception DC 20:
But something is off... The scream doesn't sound from a panicking person, but more like somebody making fun the Goblins.

Lief Stoutspear only if he makes the previous roll:
And yes, that is Carmen Zingari's voice.

Don't forget to roll for familiars and pets.
Your turn!