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Alright, here's the deal. I got started on a fall to darkness style campaign as a pbp game and told some of my local gamers about it. They're now wanting me to run one for them and I'm trying to find a way to start it without having to right too much to start with, particularly with gencon coming up before we start. I had the idea that a module would be a good starting point and that I could then continue with them having fallen, or nearly fallen, for the rest of their diabolic lives.

So the pertinent info for my criteria:

1.) Level 4 or less starting (preferably 3 or 4)

2.) Set in an area where opportunities to easily continue the game exist afterwards (looking to make it more political and moralistically grey so areas of the world that encourage that are a plus).

3.) Party size is 4-6 (probably only 4)

I've looked through the list of modules but none stand out to me.

The Morphling just started this campaign and at least a few of us who did not get selected are interested in filling out a group and getting a gm for it and a couple of players to fill out the group.

Currently the party would be:
Jessica DuMorne cleric (ecclesitheurge) of Shelyn
Tal Darkariel wizard
Kiley Sherrow barbarian

The build rules and such wold be up to what ever gm we can find for it, but the three of us were built with a 20pt buy.