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HaraldKlak wrote:
Von Marshal wrote:

{edit} compares: Returning weapon (duration). Shield (AC).

The spell seems under powered as far as other level one or level 2 spells are concerend.
If you use the spell creation guildlines it's way at the bottom of the power curve being one round per level, exspecially for wizards and sorcerers.

I think it is fine as it is. I can't really be compared to returning weapon as there isn't any weapon enhancements allowing you to ignore casting defensively.

It might not be that useful at low levels, but later on it can be, although it is situational.
Comparing it to spending a feat on +4 to casting defensively, allowing a spell to ignore defensive casting measures in minutes would be too much.
At higher levels, I would have no problem spending some low level spell slots if it lasted for minutes, casting it in advance. As it is, I might choose to use it, if we are up against enemies forcing me to make checks for casting defensively.

(old thread...)

Warding Weapon is effectively an improvement on Illusion of Calm.

My question is the wording of the spell implies that melee attacks automatically miss you or that your AC should go up by at least 2 (as in Aid Another).
The spell only states, "you can cast spells without provoking attacks of opportunity, without the need to cast them defensively." Then backtracks on Disruptive feat.
So we are left with an argument based on absence, aka "it doesn't say that". So poor flavor text.

All in all I'd stick with Illusion of Calm at Dur:CL min. If an opponent sees through the illusion he's the first to get hit with your weapon(Magus) or the Blindness spell that takes the slot of Warding Weapon(Sor/Wiz).

In a home game for Warding Weapon I'd add;
at Caster Level 3+ the spell grants a +2 deflection bonus to your AC.
Weapon falls into your grasp (free action) or the ground at the end of the spell duration.

so more like Shield of Faith, but not as good as you get the negation of normal AoO while casting and a short short duration.
Note - the weapon CAN be sundered as it just has a 10AC.