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Ok, so I have a fighter sword and board build in mind that I am going to play at my next session.

I am asking for any ideas to improve the concept, and also for validation that it ultimately works as I envision.

If you think it's cool and your GM gives it the go ahead you will need to be human, and have the following minimum stats.
STR:13, DEX:15, INT:13

So, Feat progression first.

1. power attack, shield focus, weapon focus (I used scimitar)
2. combat reflexes
3. combat expertise
4. 2 weapon fighting
5. improved shield bash
6. Improved Trip
7. Imp Bull rush
8. Improved critical
9. Tripping strike
10. Greater trip
11. Shield slam
12. Shield master
13. Bashing finish
14. Greater bull rush
15. Critical focus
16. Bleeding critical
17. Weapon specialization (Scimitar)
18. Greater shield focus
19. Greater weapon focus
20. Greater Weapon specialization

The build really comes together at level 13.

So here's how I envision the main idea of this build working at level 13.

On a Crit (improved crit, tripping strike, bashing finish) you get the trip from tripping strike, if the trip works, the target provokes an attack of opportunity which you take (that's the part that I think some people may have trouble with) and then you get the shield bash which if successful gives you a bullrush from shield slam.

So you crit, trip, AoO, Shield bash, bullrush all at once. If you rolled well, then at the end of this attack the target is laying on the ground several feet away in a lot of pain.

I understand that the bullrush uses the attack roll and bonuses from the shield bash because that is how shield slam is written. I don't see verbage that says that any of these attacks contradict one another.

Ok Internet land, what's wrong / right with this build?

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Hey Agent, Can't believe I found this post! Ha ha! Hello everyone else, I was the one he was talking about when he mentioned the player doing it differently than everyone else. I had made a Kensai that used a falcata and he really cleaned house with it. 1 in 5 hits was a crit and I could spend 2 points of my arcane pool to increase the multiplier from X3 to X4. Falcatas do 1D8 19-20 X3 (I had improved crit). Just slap on bulls str and have yourself a good time!