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Non-sensical, dreadful writing; must skip


This might be the most lazily, poorly written module I've ever read. Both you and your players will hate this. You won't lose anything by making your own Jade Regent part 2, as next to nothing happens, and you already know the macguffin you'll end up with. I'll keep it short:

* Every location and encounter had as much thought and detail as someone saying "how cool are ninjas?". No effort put into making this interesting/engaging at all.
* No motivations or backgrounds for any NPC/villain. Zero. Names and stat blocks only. Enjoy homebrewing that into a convoluted plot.
* Railroading the PCs, in the worst possible way - that is, the writer thinks it's not. His go to method of trying to make it an open world, is to limit anything the PCs can learn, and keep them confused. Not interested, mind you, just confused. This could be forgivable, if it weren't for the huge leaps in logic that the players are supposed to make.
* Opportunities for RP and investigation are extremely limited. Most only exist because you're in Kalsgard. Guess what? You can be in Kalsgard and not do this module!

Summary: you will hate this, but not as much as your players.