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Where to start? The last several days run together and it's difficult to keep facts straight. While pleased with Khonnir's return, it's obvious that Jorum is less than pleased with the disruption of my studies; even Khonnir's patience seems to be wearing thin waiting for a written report of our findings that he might study at length. Apparently, spending all my time elbow-deep in my comrades, keeping them upright in our continuing battles just isn't enough(effective range of zero meters, and all that). Thankfully, She sees that my heart and will are true, and hasn't abandoned our struggle.

The recovery of Khonnir, explorations of the hill, Trett of the Technic League, Gharmin and the Fists, and the meddling of troublesome entities yet to be identified. All these distractions keep side-tracking us from the original goal, getting the fething Flame rekindled. There was something about a purple haired woman(?), but it's hard to focus when spending most of my effort trying to keep down breakfast.

Assisted Khonnir repairing the power coupling, and we made ready to return under the Hill. Cleared the last room on this level of automatons, Aiden's new toy seems to be quite effective. Now to get him wrapped in some fancy metals so he stays on his feet. Tyriis managed to reconnect the coupling with only minor scorching, my training is sorely lacking in this area. It's going to be a long, bloody process of OJT to catch up. Decended to Eng to look for the problem, found some hungry dogs. They went down fairly quick, and we poked around for a bit. Opening a door, the elf found some orcs and ratmen(?) equipped with reclaimed scrap. They attempted to reclaim us, but we put up a better fight than the surrounding rooms. No idea how long they've been here, or how they got in; we barely made it, and there's a trail of vital fluids to prove it.

Opened a main passageway to discover an elaborate barrier; arcs of green energy shooting back and forth at random intervals. Choosing not to test the physical effects, Tyriis carefully studied and shut the thing down(note to self, Really need to figure this stuff out). Moved into a multi-level room where the elf pointed out an oddity. It looked like a cornerpiece the stuffier religions use to decorate their halls, but this one flew up and dove into the party. We took turns pounding the thing, but weren't making much headway; even Aiden's toy was less than hoped. Tried Brigh's hammer and was rewarded with a clean hit, and partial disembowelment in return. The group was slowly falling to it's attacks, and in it's hubris, the creature slighted Brigh's power to effect events; She was not amused! The hammer may have glowed, but my arm shot forward, and the creature exploded in a cloud of gravel. I again pledge myself to She who has my back.

Moved among the bodies and found all to be at least breathing. Got everyone upright, and glanced around to see many odd devices and a false alter to an imaginary deity. This could take some time to unravel.

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Now, I'm a crafter of some small skill, good with my hands; I get by. But, SWIMMING? Just ain't natural, how's a dwarf supposed to act?

Went to the temple for Joram's spell, stopped by the store, and arrived at the pond. Shooter found the path, and we all rushed in; yours' truly as graceful as a drunk auroch on ice. Thrashed around before finding the tunnel, not the most stylish entrance. While some were coughing up a few gallons of the pond, a couple local beetles introduced themselves. Being the size of small dogs, they got in some good licks before meeting their maker. Almost cut the git in half, but that sort of thing is to be expected when he's that skinny.

Patched folks up, and the shooter found a body down a side passage. Half-orc named Garda, used to fight for money around town; don't know how she got talked into this. Bastards took her stuff and just left the body, will have to remove the body after we find Khonnir and the others. Followed the tunnel to another beach and stream(connected?) and were looking around when a frog-thing appeared. It gave off a burst of light that blinded the bard, but the rest moved in to take it down. A body was found in the water, but was too chewed on to identify. Worked on some small wounds, but the bard says his sight will just take time.

The scout and I followed the stream to see if it leads back to the entrance, and check for survivors. He moves very well down here, but I guess my three left feet gave us away. Three blobs came at us, and proceeded to beat most of the stuffing out. The skinny one again got real close to the light, But Brigh saw fit to send him back. Beginning to give more weight to the rumor I've been hearing; folks say that nature thinks elves are delicious. No accounting for taste.

The kellid took the lead down more tunnels, found a large pile of junk from things I can only hope to find. There's a hoard of tech in here somewhere, can't wait to play in it. Came to a frosty chamber with a body to one side, big guy says it's full of "brown mold" that will freeze you solid. Also, fire makes it grow like crazy; important safety tip as I almost use Her blessing to flame the room. A rope is used to recover the body, that turns out to be Gerrol, a local who was part of Khonnir's group; another to bring out later.

The next passage gives a sense of unease, and leads to a large chamber. There are crude huts below, a large pit to one side, and a large metal door/hatch on the far side. As we moved, a shape stepped from the wall. It was a skulk, one of a group living here, and their leader asked our help. Some nasties were attacking them, and if we get rid of them, we get passage and reward. Twisting tunnels led to a spike trap that the kellid found with his thigh. Three of the gremlins ported in and started swinging;not much damage, but hard to hit. Finished them, plugged up the fighter, and moved on to a large chamber. It was filled with more junk, and the head runt. He was more of a fight, but was soon dog-piled. The far wall held another of the metal doors, but this one was closed. Checked the area, but only found another trap, which I cleverly sprung with my big feet.

Hobbled back to the skulks, who gave us a bag of silver discs and some information. A bunch led by a female with purple hair had gone through some days past, and left through the closed portal. They could be the idiots that shut down the flame. Khonnir had come by, taking the open door; our next goal. Before continuing, we return to town to pass on information and regroup. I hate to lose any more time, but it will take all the blessings She will provide to get through this pit.

The adventuring thing sounded a whole lot better when downing a cold brew. Note to self; pick up more Oldlaw.

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Name's Grym, chief custodian and bottle washer in the service of her ladyship Brigh here in Torch. Don't get me wrong, I'm right where I want to be in the workings of the machine, but it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts down here in the cheap seats.

I work for Joram, head cleric around here. He's a great teacher and does a good job keeping us in line. He even managed to guide me into Her light, that says a lot for his patience. I've also been gifted with the guidance of Khonnir Baine, who runs the Foundry. I'm not much use on the arcane side, but have picked up loads of knowledge of technology. I even get along pretty well with Val most days, though there has been some head-butting; we both have such sweet tempers.

Know a few folks that help deal with the long days. One of the locals is a singer with close ties to Desna(or was it Callistra?), guess he's keeping his options open. There's a few guys who came in with the caravans; a fairy with shortswords, a swish with a letter opener, sour-faced guy with a pistol, and a meatwall lugging a greatsword. An odd bunch, but that's what you get in a small burgh like this.

Things have been real slow since the Flame went out; business falling off, people worrying. Khonnir led some folk through an underwater tunnel that was found to lead under the hill. They brought out a broken automaton and some strange stories,but weren't able to find the problem. They went back in a couple days ago, and have yet to return.

We were sitting at the Copper, spinning our gears and soaking up the brew, listening to the loose talk. One of the guards let on that the council was offering money for a rescue run under the hill. I'd been toying with the idea, but this might be some help to get me there. We headed to the Town Hall to ask around, and actually talked with Dolga. Seems the council is serious about this, and they want Khonnir back in one piece(probably the others, too). When we agreed to go, she even gave us vouchers to get gear at a discount.

We left the Hall, most to their lodgings to retrieve belongings, headed to the Foundry, where we'd be based. I went to the Temple, to let Joram know we'd accepted the job and how many there would be for his spell. He told me of what he knew of Khonnir's trip, and what we might find. It was like sitting at the grown-up table, really being listened to. Could get used to this.

Took my personal stuff and headed for the Foundry, needed to see how Val is doing and prepare for the run. Arrived to find that I had missed everything. The automaton was less broken than thought, and had tried to leave the workspace. Apparently, no one had taught it about doors, so it tried to make it's own. When the first three showed up and tried to slow it down, it tried to make doors in them. A close fight; the git finished it off after the bard brought the shooter back from the light. All I contributed was some clean up.

Got Val settled down and put our stuff in the main room. Need to visit the store and market and prepare for the descent. This will have to wait for the morning, have used most of Her blessings fixing folk. Finally get to put all this book learning to practical use. Save a friend, find lost wonders, restore the Flame, and be famous. This is what I signed on for!