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Have fun guys! Drop me a message if you need a replacement. I can go with a bard or a druid or a rogue.

leinathan wrote:
@Morgryym - Alright I just really need to confirm what's going on in your backstory. Raised by two half-orc assassins, you were sent in with the male half-orc to assassinate a wizard. This wizard turned out to be a fiend, and the male half-orc died to an AoO because he didnt notice there was a guy standing right next to him. The fiend gave you magic powers, and then spared you, in exchange for a favor later. The favor is...???

To me a fiend would be someone that likes to manipulate or trick other creatures into doing things for them, they don't appreciate it the other way around. Until a number of people learned how to subdue them and bind them into a mortal form which reduces their powers significantly and in turn these people would use them as "slaves" or as someone to do their dirty work for them. The fiend knew that he wasn't capable of defeating the soldiers on his own so he decided to "lend" it to Morgrrym (which at that time was full of anger for the loss of his family) cause the fiend knew that anger would fuel it more.

The male half-orc did die. They were told that they need to kill the wizard but little did they know that they were being setup by their higher ups for they already know a lot about the scheme of things and they need to be discarded. In a sense, both of them wanted to take their revenge on these nobles and higher ranking officials. Thus connecting the trait diabolist raised.

Morgrrym should be done now, just need to do some purchasing.

I think he should be lawful evil, based on the background. I mean he won't hesitate to go on the other side of justice, so he can finish his mission but at the same time he will not just randomly assassinate someone just because he looked at him the wrong way. Feel free to comment if there's anything wrong.

Morgrrym should be ready, just the equipment section and a short background. Do we roll for gold?

I offer Morgrrym, a bard. I will update his profile to meet your house rules.

Late again!

Drop me a message if somebody drops, I would be intersted.

Cool, have fun guys!

GM I've created Lecky Pathfinder on facebook would that suffice? I've deleted my fb account long ago due to personal reasons lol. Is there still space for another character?

Mind if I bring my ninja? I just have to make an alias tomorrow when I get home for her, or I can play as a pregen.

I do hope I get invited!

Well best of luck to you guys!

Comeliness: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 1) = 13-1-1= 11!

Why he might adventure

He has been around Varisian trade routes. He has seen many deaths due to traders not knowing the terrain, not preparing for the creatures residing on those routes. He wants to prevent any of those to him useless deaths. He joined the guards mostly for their escorting services required by political figures and traders alike.

Conflict with party members

He will follow orders as long as he thinks it's for the good of the many. He doesn't mind to be the follower or the leader. He respects the balance of life and he will not hesitate to slay whoever wants to disturb it. He does not follow a deity or a worship a god, he only follows good and hates evil.

Sorry for stealing your format dien, Morgrrym is pretty much good to go!

I am very interested in joining as a Dwarven ranger, here's the full statblock. It's good to go out of the box, working on the background.

1. Can I get the Magical Knack trait?
2. If I'm chaotic good, am I going to have +3 stat points?
3. Can we use ultimate equipment even just for the kits like ranger kits?
4. Do you mind suggesting a favored enemy and terrain or you want me to just find out for myself?