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Thanks for the information, I figured it had to have been addressed somewhere. The Eye for Talent alternative is a good compromise, depending on how the pet is used.

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Sorry, this is the Pathfinder Adventure Card game Rules forum, nit the RPG rules forum. I have flagged it to be moved :)

Woops, I seriously misread the title. Sorry about that.

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I have a weird RAW interaction that I hope someone with more esoteric knowledge of all the systems can untangle.

Say that you have an Inquisitor Sacred Huntsmaster. That archetype gives up some judgements to get a pet like the Hunter. Specifically "This ability works as the hunter class feature of the same name, using her inquisitor level as her hunter level."

The animal companion entry specifically says that "If a character receives an animal companion from more than one source, her effective druid levels stack for the purposes of determining the companion’s statistics and abilities."

Usually that wouldn't be a problem... except that an Inquisitor with the Animal Domain is granted an animal companion as part of their domain at level 4. As far as I can tell, that means that the Inquisitor at level 4 could have a level 5 Animal Companion, at level 5 they'd have a level 7 AC, and so on until level 12 at which time the Animal Companion is level 20.

Other than DM Fiat, is there anything that rules out this interaction? Some google search I did treats this interaction as fact, but it seems very powerful.

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I might be a little late to the party, but let me know if you have room for one more. I'm also going to Gencon, and while I GM PFS locally, I'd like to have a non-GM pet to play.

I can help with organization if needs be and am familiar with GMing on Roll 20

Yup, that's the module. I am loving the ES from a "It's super easy to prep because all the maps are done up and it's fairly linear" standpoint, but the levels are all small so positioning is super important at the moment :)

Thanks for all the help everyone, this had me scratching my head for a while.

Thanks for the reply, kind of seemed like what I thought, though I was definitely wrong on the grapple thing.

What about the pull maneuver, which I believe can be achieved on the same turn it's initiated? Conceptually I'm fine with it as it's sort of a "Get Down Mister President" move as he'd be taking any potential hit.

I have run into a weird situation, and all of my google-fu and PHB indexing has not been able to help me.

One of my players is running a monk and has on several occasions attempted to use grappling or pulling to get allies out of danger. I approve of the creativity but I'm not sure how it comes out rules wise.

There have been a couple scenarios that have come up so far.

1. A mudlord had an ally grappled and covered in mud while the ally was unconscious. The monk wanted to know if he grappled the mudlord and moved the mudlord away from the monk's grappled ally, would the mudlord lose his grapple on the his target. I ruled yes at the time (I figured the mud holding him would get pulled away) as I wasn't able to quickly find an answer with the resources on hand.

2. A large water elemental rose up behind the party and thanks to greater cleave it began to beat the crap out of the squishies. The sorcerer was looking particularly bad, and because of the reach of the elemental was unable to easily get out of range without provoking AoO. The monk, who has pretty good defenses, wanted to know if he could grapple the sorcerer and force his movement away from the large water elemental, taking the AoO on himself. This one I was a lot shakier on, and said that while grapple and pull actions exist, and forced movement doesn't provoke, I'm not sure about targeting an ally with either of those actions. It was a moot point because the creature had already taken an AoO that round, but as the monk is being played as being a selfless combat maneuver guy I suspect it will come up again.

So my questions are:

1. Can a grappler lose their grapple if they themselves get grappled and pulled from the target?

2. Can an ally be the target of a grapple or pull combat manuever, and if so, would only the person forcing the movement be a valid target of an AoO?

3. If an ally is a valid target of maneuvers like grapple or pull, can the voluntarily not resist? So the grapple/pull automatically succeeds?

4. Side question, I have not been able to find a good definition for "foe" or "opponent" or "enemy" as far as Pathfinder is concerned. Is it entirely subjective?

5. What actions can be done to move an unconscious hero in battle? Say, if they are actively drowning in water and mud, or taking area damage?

Thanks in advance for any help. I've been DMing Pathfinder weekly for 3 or more months now and once a month for almost a year and I still feel like there's a lot to learn.