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I have taken a Lvl 1 Oracle of Lore dip for my PFS Paladin of Erecura, not for the +CH to AC, but for the Focused Trance.
I managed it to have a Paladin with a +7 in every Knowledge-Skill, and I can Take 30 (instead of Take 10) 4 times per day on any Int-Skill.
He is decent in combat, but I had played him in some investigative-based scenarios, thanks to his 4/day automatic 37 on Knowledges and his decent Diplomacy it was quite a blast. I am using his Oracle's Misfortune solely for boosting bad rolled skill checks.
He uses a normal reach weapon, and the Sacred Servant Oath of Vengeance for more Smites if needed, and for more spells. In his playing history (current lvl 6) he has actually smitten only 2-3 times.
And yes, of course he has dumped Wisdom.

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1) Lawful evil (especially in good aligned groups)
2) Lawful neutral
3) Lawful good (the shady ones, like a spy or a crimson templar)

There are different ways I play lawful evli in good aligned groups. If there is a paladin or something very good, I try to be more paladiny than he.
Or I do my usual trick and pretend to be both good and evil at the same time (for example wearing a shining white paladin armor and a unholy symbol). If you show all the virtues of your lawful side (loyalty, truth, honor et cetera, and your evil deity is legal in the land), you should get away with this.
I really like the "absolute loyalty" aspect.