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Full Name

Mikos Restavok


Human (Rostlander)


Fighter 3; AC 20, HP 25/41; spot +8





Special Abilities

AoO, Bravery






Taldane, Hallit


Scout Background

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Mikos Karnikov

Human Fighter 3 [Guard]
Speed: 25; Perception +8
Hp: 41; Class DC: 19; Hero pt: 1

Proficiency: U=0; T=5 (L+2); E=7 (L+4)

Saves: FORT: 8 (E+1); REF: 11 (E+4); WILL: 8 (E+1)

Armor: AC: 20 (10+T(5)+2/3); TAC: 18 (10+2+T+1)

Weapons: Simple, Martial, Unarmed= E; Advanced= T

Falchion-- Att:11 (E+4)-- Dam:d10+2+1-- SPEC: Forceful, Sweep

Warhammer-- Att:9 (E+2)-- Dam:d8+2-- SPEC: Shove

{Shortsword-- Att:11 (E+4)-- Dam:d6+2-- SPEC: Agile, Finesse, Versatile}

Bow-- Att:11 (E+4)-- Dam:d6+2-- SPEC: Ranged 60, Deadly d10

Acrobatics: T+4
Athletics: E+2
Crafting: T+1
Deception: T
Lore (Warfare): T+1
Intimidate: T
Perception: E+1
Stealth: T+4

Heritage: Versatile (Fleet)
Ancestry: Unconventional Weapon (Aldori Sword)
Background: Guard: Intimidate, Warfare Lore; Quick Coercion
Class: Exacting Strike, Lunge
General: Titan Wrestler

Equipment: 151 sp, 65 cp
Scale Mail (35), Rapier (15), Shortsword (9), bow (30), 20 arrows (2)
back pack (1), small tent and roll (8.1), 50' silk rope (10), flint and steel (.5), lantern (10), 4 pts oil (.4), waterskin, week of rations (4), sunrod, silversheen, alch fire, pot. of darkvision

Lost: (Aldori Dueling Sword-- Dam:d8; Spec: Finesse, Versatile)

Mikos was once a Son of Brevoy, born and raised in Restov. He eagerly joined the guard at a young age and proved such an able combatant that he was accepted into the famed Aldori dueling school. Young, ambitious, and brash though, his rising star quickly fell. First, by drawing the ire of his superiors, then an expedition to the Stolen Lands which fell apart due to fractious infighting, finally joining the Crusade only to be robbed of his prized Aldori blade on the dangerous West Sellen route.

Thrice burned, he doesn't believe in anything now except strong ale and easy pickings.