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A fun exploration-based scenario!

Summary: In this scenario, you'll travel to an old colony to study an archeological site and report back to the VC when you're done. Along the way, you'll face many different kinds of challenges: Chelish laws, ancient mysteries, and foes who do not wish that you succeed.

Disclaimer: As a fellow author of adventures, I'll recuse myself from giving a star rating, so I'll just give an account of how it went for my PC and the party.

Warning: Spoilers!:

We played this in the lower subtier. My PC was an unchained summoner with an angel eidolon, both built for melee. The rest of the party were mostly melee types, though one of the PCs was a wizard.

After the briefing we gathered information on the place we were going to. What was great was that the skill check results included not only the information we were able to get but also some info on the NPCs who gave us the info, so it didn't feel like the information just came out of nowhere. I'd love to see more of that in future scenarios!

In the colony across the sea (technically in Rahadoum), we found out that we needed a permit to leave the city and travel to the archeological site. No surprise there, we were in a Chelish colony after all. We went to some sort of a bureaucratic office of bureaucracy, where the queue looked like it was several days long. Thankfully, a secretary or assistant we talked to happened to know that a high-ranking official was very interested in arceological studies, and we were granted a personal audience. My summoner and eidolon could only afford to buy scholar's outfits for themselves, but a few PCs went in dressed in courtier's outfits and gained a bonus on their skill checks.

This was a fun encounter: Some RP and a lot of skill checks. Unlike most social encounters in PFS (where Diplomacy rules and few other skills are used), we were allowed to use just about any skill or even attack rolls to entertain the decadent official. My falchion-wielding summoner sliced fruit like the fruit ninja, and other PCs also staged displays of combat prowess or told stories about the Pathfinder Society or the colony's history.

We got the permit and traveled to the desert. Before we reached the site, we had to outrun a sandstorm (though not quite as big as in another Season 7 scenario). This was a bit like a chase scenario but it had simplified rules and no chase cards were needed. (I'm *very* glad that PFS has phased out the original chase rules that usually involved some PCs getting stuck in the first or second square!!!) Two of the three checks involved Ride (and Handle Animal), which was tough for my summoner & eidolon, but through sheer luck we succeeded, and many enough of the other PCs did too, so we didn't take any damage.

Inside the ruins, a trio of skeletons attacked us. They were stronger than normal skeletons and had a nasty ability that caused dehydration, but the party was quite well equipped to deal with them.

After the combat, the exploration part began. This part reminded me of my own scenarios (Golden Guardian, Ancients' Anguish): Lots of skill checks that allowed the PCs to discover what had really happened in the ruins and how old the ruins really were. I really enjoy this kind of scenarios, uncovering the truth piece by piece. The skill checks mostly involved using Knowledge (history) and other Knowledges, as well as Appraise, Craft, and even Profession, I think. Including Craft (something) as an option was a good idea because it allowed attempting untrained skill checks. The prevalence of Knowledge checks meant that any dumb characters didn't have a lot to do, unfortunately. My summoner had two Knowledge skills (arcana & planes) but still felt like she wasn't able to contribute much. If I was GMing this scenario, I'd probably urge the players to choose reasonably knowledgeable characters.

We discovered that the place was actually an ancient Jistkan temple where they had worshiped devils. After studying a number of old statues and solving a puzzle, we fought an ancient guardian statue with a fiery gaze attack. At least in the lower subtier, the creature was alone, so it was pretty easy to gang up on it, though I think one of the PCs took quite heavy damage from the eye beam before the statue went down. We found more items of historical interest and returned to Corentyn.

The scenario had a nice twist ending: Instead of a debriefing, a small group of Chelish soldiers led by a witch wanted to arrest and interrogate us. We naturally didn't approve of their evil plan to suppress the truth about the ruins (and didn't like the idea of failing the mission and getting rescued for 5 PP!) and did what any good PC should do: kicked ass!

As a GM, I'd probably remind any reluctant players of the cost of getting rescued, and that the PCs should not support an evil regime through inaction (surrender).

Overall, the scenario has a nice mix of encounters and was loads of fun to play. Recommended!