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I think the general consensus here is that the behavior should be addressed in person privately, which i absolutely agree with.

In my experience with similar issues is if the behavior continues after several warnings and then a final warning (explaining that they stand to be banned/suspended from future play at your events), then the player should be banned or suspended from participation in future events. I have had to resort to this in the past and on those rare occasions a 2 or 3 event suspension has made a significant difference.

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Just thought I would update this thread with the following update from the guide to PFS organized play:

Page 29, Quote:

Free RPG Day Modules-
The 16-page, Free RPG Day modules are shorter than a normal 32-page module and are more in line with a normal Pathfinder Society Scenario. Currently, these include Master of the Fallen Fortress, We Be Goblins!, Dawn of the Scarlet Sun, and We Be Goblins Too! To bring the Free RPG Day modules more in line with the rest of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, all current and future sanctioned Free RPG Day modules will award 1 XP, 1 PP and the gp amount listed on the Chronicle sheet if using the medium advancement track.

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While I agree that Everflame and some other low level mods can be challenging, I don't feel they are imbalanced.

A more eloquent way to address this issue in future modules would be to include instructions for how to scale the module for either 1st level or 2nd level APL groups, and if Paizo feels something older like Everflame needs scaling, they can make a revision to it.

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I would like in if the spot is still open, RSVP'd on Facebook also.
Mike Venditti