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Solid intro for second edition


This adventure is packed with traditional fantasy rpg elements and monsters as well as some new ones. It has some fun NPCs that could be friends, rivals or outright enemies depending on what your players choose. That said, this adventure is not ground breaking.
The plot is a good scene setter for the Adventure Path, which itself is going to be ethically fascinating.
Some things feel quite rushed, the art, for instance, is repeatedly inconsistent with the text. The physical barriers between each chapter feel forced.

I see two audiences for this adventure:

1) People new to fantasy RPGs, who get a solid introduction to the genre in its traditional form. This will put the weird and wonderful things that Paizo do into context.
2) Seasoned gamers, who will get to see how the rules of second edition work with all those old school elements.

One thing in it stands out as not being old school, and that is the diversity. This is one of the things I love about Paizo: real world discrimination exists and can be a focus of an adventure BUT in most places your average shopkeep isn't misogynistic. On Golarian there are too many lich demi-gods of fantastic ancestries who are raining down terror for most people to create our naive, real-world biases.