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My group ended our last game rather abruptly, but my players warned me about their plan to use control weather in the upcoming session to blow away the smoke that was in their way (which I unfortunately forgot until now, a few hours before the game.) The problem is that they are underground and the source of the smoke is not natural.

Reign of Winter book 6 details:
They are moving from one underground cavern to another(pg 44 if you have the book), this next cavern is filled with smoke from an eversmoking bottle. The description states that the smoke can be dispersed with wind, it doesn't completely dissipate until the bottle is resealed. The entire area is in a sort-of mini dimension.

I'm figuring that if the spell can control wind, that can blow the smoke away or maybe thin it and increase the visibility range. The problem is that I'm not convinced this spell works underground. Is there such a thing as underground weather?

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My question in short: What are some good spells for a wizard likely to be in very dangerous situations with monsters that are immune to mind-affecting effects, but who isn't looking to be a damage dealer. While I'll probably have a few buff spells, I'm figuring to leave most of that to the cleric, I really want a number of aggressive spells (not to say blast spells like fireball, but spells that attack the enemies ability to damage us).

For the record, I'm a 9th level Ratfolk with a 24 INT.

My question in long:
My brother is going to be running Tomb of Horrors with his wife, two of his kids and me. I'm frankly terrified, excited, yes, but terrified. To increase the chances we survive, I've been trying to make sure we have a party that can meet just about any challenge (except diplomatic, I'm not really worried about that.)

After confirming that my niece is playing a druid, my nephew is playing a sorcerer (blaster), and my sister-in-law is playing a cleric and a paladin (with some kind of channel energy focus, the adults get two characters each) I determined that the cleric I wanted to play would be redundant. I decided one of my two characters should be a scout/trap finder (I couldn't get excited about playing a rogue, I don't know why, so I built a ranger with an archetype) and my second character should be a support caster. After debating for a while about different classes, I decided to just play a wizard, no archetype.

Here's my problem: the wizard spell-list is huge! The only arcane caster I've played before is a witch (and I didn't play her very well) so I'm not very familiar with the wizard list and I also can't go for just any good spells because I want to cut out any mind affecting spells. I'm kinda assuming, with the undead theme, that most of the stuff we'll fight will be immune to mind-affecting, but a lot of the ones I'm at least a little familiar with tend to be mind-affecting. So, being lazy and not wanting to click into every spell ever on d20pfsrd to see if it's mind-affecting or useless, I decided to ask you all for help.

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Last fall I started GMing at PFS but my friend took all of the reporting sheets and reported the sessions (well, most of them, I'm still bugging him to get the last couple of them in the system). In January he tapped at his phone for a little bit then told me I was all set up to report. When I got on after that session there was an event listed under Events I'm Organizing with several sessions already listed. I clicked on report and successfully reported that session and figured that everything was good.

I ran a session last week that I've been trying to report but I've had one major problem. When I'm filling out the reporting screen, I have to select a scenario, but when I click on select scenario it comes up with a list of scenarios we've already played and reported but the scenario I'm trying to report isn't in the list. How do I get the scenario we just played to show up in the select scenario list?

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I've temporarily taken over GMing for my regular group and I found that I have to redo some of the treasure in the AP we're playing, since it was designed for 4 players and we've got 6-7 PCs if the 7th guy ever shows up. I started thinking about how much effort my previous GM must have put in to make the treasure drops on the last AP work. Personally, treasure was never interesting to me. I'm terrible at math and shopping is my least favorite part of the game. Trying to make sense of the magic item we were just given when I was more interested in reading the letter the bad guy was carrying was always frustrating too. So now I'm looking for ways to make it more fun for my players.

While in my situation I'm looking at loot for levels 1-4 with a sort of winter theme, I'm certainly interested in any sorts of cool treasures you guys know of or have designed. What's the coolest treasure you found in game? I'm also interested in any ideas you have to make the process of finding, identifying and dividing treasure more fun and less tedious.

A few ideas I've had:
Since my players have lots of survival and Know Nature skills, I've designed two magical plants for them to find.

Bearberry-unique berry that oozes a sticky, glue like substance when squeezed. When used on cuts and injuries the glue like substance seals the injuries closed, preventing infections, and the nutritious, near magical qualities of the juice help the injuries to heal. When applied, the berries will immediately heal 2 points of nonlethal damage per berry used, and if the juice is allowed to dry and left on for an hour, the healing properties of the juice will heal 2 points of lethal damage per berry used. The berries last about 7 days after picking.

Sarrot- These rare, tiny, magical roots are long lasting and, when powdered, can be used to empower spells. Throwing a pinch of Sarrot powder into the air while casting adds a material and somatic component to the spell, as well as the effects of the Extend Spell feat. Alternativly, the roots can be used to create the Extend Metamagic Rod. Doing so reduces the crafting costs by 250 gp per root used. Up to 1/3 of the total crafting cost can be reduced this way. Each plant tends to have 1 - 3 roots and each root creates about 1 pinch of powder.

I also want to place somewhere scrolls with jokes written on them. If the group identifies them, they discover that they are scrolls of hideous laughter. Now I just need to find some thematic jokes.

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I've been playing pathfinder as a player for about a year and a half now and I feel I'm fairly familiar with the rules. So when a couple of my friends showed an interest in the game but weren't available on Saturday for PFS, I figured I could GM a home game for them. I have tried GMing before (to disastrous results, turns out you really do need to understand the rules to GM), so I had a little of an idea what I was getting into and I was certain I needed an Adventure Path rather than trying to make up a story as we went along (that was part of the problem with my first attempt to GM). I gave my players some options and they chose Reign of Winter. I'm kinda of regretting this now.

Reign of Winter Spoiler:
Reign of Winter starts out with a string of combats as you journey into this forest trying to find a kidnapped noble woman and the reason for all the snow in the middle of summer. The first half of these (not including the talking stag, they loved the talking stag) are kinda boring and don't have a lot of RP value to them, they are just stuff to fight.

The problem is with an Oracle/Bard (when he gets to second level) who we have nicknamed the Pacifist because he starts every combat with a diplomacy check. He told me at the end of our last session that he doesn't enjoy combat because it feels more realistic then combat in a video game, like Final Fantasy. I didn't really think it was that realistic, but it's hard for me to tell as the GM. The other two players don't seem to have a problem with it, but they are more experienced and their characters are designed for combat.

If I let the Pacifist talk his way out of fights, that will leave the other two players without much to do (and won't work very well with the story line) and there's only so much he can do with his +10 Diplomacy check. On the other hand, if I just move on and hope the story begins to interest him, he'll still be pretty bored through the dungeon crawls I'm sure are all through the AP. Besides, it's been 6 sessions and we are maybe a quarter of the way through the first book. Is that normal? If we are going that slow, can the story interest him? I just don't have the confidence, experience or time to adjust the AP to have less dungeon crawl and more RP. What can I do?