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Awesome news Liz!

Honestly, I was ready to give up on this one. But, the DSP team and PAizo have pulled through and made this book happen. Two weeks is pretty good too! I'm just glad I preordered mine early and have one of the first copies heading my way.

You see, my ninja is about to die in a campaign and I really wanted to play from the new book, we've bee delayed due to work so we're on a two week break, I should get the book just in time!

WampaX wrote:
Franz Lunzer wrote:

From what I heard, there are no map handouts, only letters and such.

But I don't have it in hand yet.

It can be a little misleading in the description above.

The Bullet Point about the Book wrote:
Twenty-two full-color player handouts and key maps are printed on high-quality paper and tucked into slitted pages, allow players to hold important clues while leaving the GM with copies of his own.

This is describing the 22 handouts in the text, spread across all 6 chapters. Some are notes, some are letters, some are sketches of maps, some are journal entries. I think being described as "key maps" is where the description is misleading. The unboxing video cleared up (for me at least) that we weren't getting a map pack or flip mats.

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Michael Deyette 82 wrote:
Can anyone comment on the map handouts? I want to use them with the Runelords pawn collection but, the reviews for the map folio noted the page size was too small for that. I'm ok with working out the magnification required to scale it to 1" per 5' square and getting it printed at Staples but, it'd be so awesome if I could use em from the case.
As above, no maps included in the box proper. But if you have the PDF, it does contain all the encounter maps and you could scale up those images. It also has all the handouts for easy printing if you don't want your players' grimy paws all over your nice clean precious handouts OR (as I've mentioned before in this thread) if you need to cut some of them up (which you do) and don't want to put your preciouses under the knife.

Thanks for clearing that up, the unboxing didn't show any maps so it made me doubt the "key maps" line. Would have been pretty awesome but, some of those maps were pretty big.

I'll just have to use the pdf and figure out what page size it takes to hold the maps at true scale, then I can chop the maps into cards like the GameMastery cards. It'll be worth it to use the Pathfinder Pawns for this adventure.

Looks like they are arriving steadily, mine just left Paizo's warehouse. Estimated 7+ days to deliver which sounds about right.

Paul Ryan wrote:

I was right about the competence of the delivery driver. There was a thump on the porch tonight...

When I picked the package up, it was addressed to the next door neighbours. So I walked it on over, and lo and behold, sitting on their doorstep was a huge, and wet, box addressed to me. *rolls eyes*

So I delivered their mail, got my own, and am impressed by the packing. The delivery box was beginning to split from water damage, and has a hole punched right into it, but the inner protective box was perfectly fine.

As for the actual deluxe edition, all I can say is that the unpacking video doesn't do it justice. It's impressive, and in absolutely perfect shape, despite the state of the box it came in.

This warms my heart, despite that failure of a man your beauty made it through intact. I'm going crazy right now, people in France are getting theirs and I don't have mine in Canada. Today was the earliest expected date though, Friday is the latest for me. Hopefully it is here soon I'm bloody psyched.

Can anyone comment on the map handouts? I want to use them with the Runelords pawn collection but, the reviews for the map folio noted the page size was too small for that. I'm ok with working out the magnification required to scale it to 1" per 5' square and getting it printed at Staples but, it'd be so awesome if I could use em from the case.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Question: will it be cheaper to have this ship alone USPS now, or ship UPS with my next subscription order?

I believe this was asked earlier and while Paizo can't be 100% certain (it ends up being up to how USPS packages it) because of the size and weight of the runelords box it will likely be sent in its own box either way. Thus you could order it individually and not see much of a difference.

That is my understanding anyways.

Isn't it packaged in a metal case? That would probably take a fair bit of rough handling on its own.

That said, this is a one of a kind deal, do more expensive shipping options typically use better packaging? I thought the only variable was how fast it arrived but, I lack the experience to know more.

kevin_video wrote:
Okay, before I make my final decision, I need to know EXACTLY what benefits I'm getting out of this deal compared to the regular anniversary edition. The problem is the standard anniversary edition is very vague in what it gives compared to this one. I need comparisons. Especially if I'm going to shell out an additional $110 dollars.

Regular anniversary edition is just a book as far as I'm aware. This is a metal boxed set with the maps and ingame handouts as page inserts. Also there's the art that comes with this one.

Material wise the non collectors edition has the whole adventure in top form, just not all the extra handouts and key maps. Also it's a more standard hardcover book whereas this version is rather more ornate.

edit: wow, I think I just replied to a page 1 post thinking it was new.. ah well. yey runelords! Starting my campaign the first week of January and pulling all the stops. No distracting electronics at the table, battle maps from the runelords set, gamemastery map tiles for random encounters or unmapped areas, runelords pawn set for NPCs plus the bestiary box for randoms and PC tokens.

It's going to be sick.

It's worth checking the orders page on Paizo.com

If it says pending there then it should be on the way to Paizo's warehouse. Since it is not a Paizo product and it's brand new they will have to order it from Jeremy's distributor first, then ship it to us themselves.

On the bright side, it should be sent by standard postal service which means the US customers should also be able to track it via USPS once it ships from their warehouse.

As a Canadian I can't do that sadly, international orders being what they are.

edit: By their estimates I have at least seven days at the earliest until arrival. That is counting from the date I got the pending email so, we still have awhile before we can confirm if anything is super wrong for those who got the pending status.

Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
How come mine is now bumped to the December order? I put in a preorder on October 7 and it says it's in stock. I know my order has not released yet I haven't even gotten the pending email yet. Someone please help me out here.

Strange, I have received the pending email. There must be a lack of stock, thus they are doing them in order of those who ordered the product. I ordered mine in August.