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Our Price: $3.99


Very solid scenario with many new options!


I've got a large write up I did about some adjustments and roleplaying flavor one can add to give this scenario a bit more pizazz. Email me at mbrock@georgiapfs.org if you want a copy.

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Slightly dissapointed


Back when Forgotten Realms had the four poster maps that formed one large map, I had it mounted and it hung on my wall for many years. So, when this product was announced, I was super excited as I would finally be able to replace the map on my wall.

Unfortunately, the four map don't line up right when put together and alot of cutting and overlapping has to be done to make to make it looks right. The western ocean, under Hermea, where the compass is located, had to be cut into 3 pieces to make the mainland map fit right. I wish I could post a photo here but it won't allow it.

The other big problem is the creases. It was impossible to get all the creases out of the map while getting it glued down, no matter how slowly I went with my roller. I wish they had an option to purchase on large printed map sent in a roll-up case. This would eliminate both problems listed here. I would have even paid an extra $100 to buy one large, printed version in rolled up format.

With that said, after two hours of work, I do appreciate the hard work that went into this product and the level of detail added to the map.

I just wish it lined up better and had no noticeable creases.