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While trying to build my old 20th level Monk in 2e, I considered Combat Climber for some all terrain fighting, but what it does is this:

"Your techniques allow you to fight as you climb. You’re not flat-footed while Climbing and can Climb with a hand occupied. You must still use another hand and both legs to Climb."

Well, Quick Climbing grants a Climb Speed at Legendary Athletics, which removes flat-footed and my Monk is hand to hand only, so no weapons to occupy a hand.

That made me wonder...does it serve any purpose? Is it required for those moments you use a hand to strike, or is it not particularly useful now?

If it serves no purpose, I'd toss it for another feat. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Titan Wrestler is a useful feat that lets you Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip creatures two sizes larger than you, and that grows to three sizes larger than you at Legendary Athletics.

For a normal sized creature, that means you can use these maneuvers on literally everything, but a small-sized creature, it means you peak at Huge.

Do you think that was the intent of the feat to limit small PCs? Just feels off that a difference of two feet could be all that stands in the way of one Monk German Suplexing a T-Rex, while another has no real issues doing so.

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One of the currently hot button topics has been the inclusion of Goblins as a Core Ancestry, a change I fully welcome. But, of course, overall there's been a lot of back and forth about this change. One issue that's been brought up is: Goblins will be disruptive, how can these "baby-eating pyromaniacs" be anything but?

The thing is, they don't have to be disruptive at all. Your choices aren't just between horrid fiery murderhobos and green-skinned Halfings. You can play aspects of Goblins without going to the worst extremes.

A Goblin's distaste for dogs and horses doesn't have to go to full blown murder. Surely some of you dislike some animals, but I feel confident you don't go and smash your neighbor's pet's head in over it. A Goblin can be in a party with a Cavalier, and not murder their horse. They may find it upsetting, but they can vent that frustration through insults, a rivalry, or any number of other methods.

A penchant for fire doesn't have to turn into burning down villages. They can be the first to light campfires, create fireworks for entertainment, or use fire in combat against foes in a more controlled manner.

Raiding junk and a love for singing don't even need much change to work fine in any given party, you could totally play MacGuyver while singing a little Goblin ditty to yourself.

Sneaky tendencies, an issue with getting stuck in tight spaces, and a fear of writing/pictures aren't too much of an issue either. Hell, maybe your Goblin can gradually overcome that fear, and become a well-read individual who wants to bring back beautiful knowledge to their people.

Their half-cocked actions, meanwhile? Any adventurer can do that. To what extend is up to you. Find a nice mix that fits your character without hurting the mood of the campaign.

Hell, if you really want to keep the "baby-eating" aspect, your Goblin could totally have a refined pallet, and insists on only eating the finest Veal steaks. The most that will cost you is some confused looks and some decent gold.

The only real limitations in roleplaying are your imagination and the cruel dice gods who punish you with poor rolls.

Thanks for your time reading my post, and I hope it was at least thought provoking, if nothing else.