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Merle Barer wrote:
"So is it safe to head on down or what?"

Justin is busy staring in surprise at Alessia doing a vanishing act into the floor. So Memnon's voice pipes up from below.

"Well, It WAS,..." The crystal Skull manages to sound both amused and concerned at the same time.

"I have NO idea what she's talking about. Do you?"

Memnon pipes up from behind Karrin. Where he currently floats JUST out of backhand axe range, and about waist level, his eyelights glowing a leering green,...

"You have to appreciate good muscle tone!"

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Memnon looks at Karrin, his eye lights a little wider than usual. Then the crystal skull turns and looks at Justin. It does this a couple of more times, clearly trying to decide which humanoid it should be more amused at. Or which one won the crazy person of the day award.