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Dwarf | My Deck Handler


Bard Brawler / UM (12789-1001)



About Meliski

Meliski is a stocky dwarf with a quick wit and always ready to provide a joke, quip, limerick, or hearty laugh.
His clothing is clean and of fine quality and exhibits heavy use.
He was last seen adventuring with the following:

  • his cousin Harsk
  • Seelah, a human paladin
  • A human ninja named Reiko

    Skills and Powers:

    Strength d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
    Dexterity d6 +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
    - Disable: Dexterity +2
    Constitution d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
    Intelligence d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
    Wisdom d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
    Charisma d10 [x] +1 [x] +2 [ ] +3
    - Arcane: Charisma +1
    - Diplomacy: Charisma +1
    - Divine: Charisma +1

    Favored Card: Your Choice
    Hand Size: 5 [x] 6
    Proficient With: Light Armors

    "When a character at your location would fail a check, you may recharge a card ([ ] or shuffle
    it into your deck)
    to allow her to reroll 1 die ([ ] or 2 dice). She must take the second result."
    "On your first exploration each turn, you may encounter the bottom card of your location
    deck instead of the top card. ([x] Then you may shuffle the location deck.)"

    Deck, Discard, Buried:
    Known Top:
    Middle {Order is not Known}: Blessing of Milani Blessing of Abadar Blessing of the Spellbound Blessing of Nethys,LimitedExplore Helm of Telepathy Bound Lantern Archon Cleric of Nethys,LimitedExplore Fire Snake Fly Locate Object Holy Candle
    Discard Pile:
    Buried Pile:

    Liberty's Edge Reward:

    Liberty's Edge Reward
    [X] [X] Freedom Fighter (Liberty’s Edge Faction Reward): After you roll on your Charisma check, Diplomacy check, or check attempted before you act, check a box that precedes this reward to add or subtract 1 die; take the new result. You may use this reward up to 2 additional times if you fulfill the following requirements. When you fulfill the requirement, check the box that precedes it; when you use the reward, cross that line off.
    [X] Defeat a monster that has the Captain or Gnoll trait.
    [X] Succeed at a Charisma or Diplomacy non-combat check to defeat a villain or a henchman.