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Rules for how to play four of the Pathfinder campaign setting’s most iconic alien races: nanite-infused androids, four-armed kasathas, telepathic lashunta, and seasonally morphic Triaxians—including complementary new archetypes and feats.

W-we're iconic too! We're the ones with all the spaceships! :(

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Seriously wondering just how the three Vercite castes will be represented, especially since they're casteless until a certain age. Alternate racial traits? Or perhaps it might not be anything mechanically tied to the race at all, with stuff like God-Vessel marks and Augmentations falling under equipment, feats, etc.

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lucky7 wrote:
There's a creature from Verces stomping around in the Valashmai Jungle. (agmazar)

Yeah, sorry about that. That really wasn't supposed to happen.

Still have no idea how that got past the ethics committee.

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Just in time to get re-outfitted!

Need a personal force-field upgrade badly.

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Starglyte wrote:
<Crosses fingers for some human-alien hybrids>

Captain to Aethership, we're going to be planetside for a while. Yes, we're doing diplomatic....stuff. It's going to take a few days.

A week, tops.