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Well, I'm a little late, but congrats on this one. I've been actively avoiding Kickstarter due to not really having funds, and it sucks to have missed this, but glad to see it got funded anyway.

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Cold Napalm wrote:

Actually, one of the main thing I HATE about the new psionics books is that stupid bloody optional treat them seperate rule. Yes I know it is optional...and no I have NEVER run any 3.5 psionics game without transprancy...but you know what happens from every bloody single psionics player who asks for it the ruleset in my game?

player: Can we use psionics?
Me: Well...I never had good things come of using it.
Player: Please? I have this really awesome concept and backstory.
Me: You can't reflavor a sorcerer or wizard or something?
Player: No, it HAS to be psionics.
Me: Okay, fine, but we are using the psionic/magic transparancy rule. Psionics and magic works against each other...got that?
Player: Yeah sure.

1 game to a couple months later...player is insistant that psionics and magic should not affect each other for various logic reasons with the optional ruleset being used as the lynchpin of why I should make them seperate...followed shortly with me booting him/her and psionics out of my game.

It should just be booting him/her, really. If you make it clear transparency is being used (and it absolutely should be), then there's nothing to complain about. Or pound them with a bunch of casters who blow through all their psionic defenses because the wanted them separate (it works both ways) and see how fast they shut up.

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I'd like to see another product or two that expands upon The Dreamscarred Press psionics rules. Perhaps expanded aegis customizations or soulknife blade skills, or just some psionic powers.

I'm also for something along the lines of the 3.5 Warlock. (Or mash both of these ideas together, and make some sort of at-will psionic class, perhaps something with a focus on telekinesis.)

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I'd like to see a stretch goal like Monte Cook did with his new setting, where x number of books go to either libraries or military bases, free of charge.

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Dabbler wrote:
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Meh, everyone knows Australians are tougher than Americans, what with needing armor skin to survive everything trying to kill them.
Often it is a high reflex save. Spiders in the dunny, swooping attack birds, crocodiles chasing you up banks, snakes being random encounters on bike rides.
Well, both Aussies and Yanks are descended from prime stock aren't they? Us Brits didn't conquer 1/4 of the world from one little island by being a bunch of pussies...

Nah. That's just how you lost it. ;-)

(Too easy there....Just couldn't ignore the opening.)

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Well, just popped my $75 towards it so we can toss one more psionic monster in there (and because SGG stuff is awesome).

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The agile weapon property isn't 3rd party. It's from the Pathfinder Society Guide. Paizo just hasn't put it into any of the core books for some reason. And we did add agile to the list of available properties in Psionics Expanded (the follow-up to Psionics Unleashed that just came out). Psionics Expanded has some very nice options for the soulknife.

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Where exactly do they get extra spare feats? They still need feats for Metapsionics, Combat Casting, Spell Penetration(etc). Yes, it's spontaneous without a delay, but that delay is why most people I've played with REFUSE to play sorcerers. You can bring up the armor thing as often as you want, it doesn't change the fact that divine casters have been doing it for ever.

A psion is only as versatile as its powers known, just as a sorcerer is. A wizard gets more bang for his buck out of the same resources (auto-scaling spells), and is the single most versatile caster in a game. A powers/spells known list means you are by definition less versatile than any prepared caster capable of modifying its spells daily.

And has been pointed out, there are displays every time you manifest that point out you're a caster. If these are being ignored, that's the DM's fault. You are not stealth casting.

And for the record, Vancian magic is actually more convenient. I don't like it, but not having to figure out just how much power I want to throw into something is ridiculously damned convenient. I'm a lot less likely to overspend and screw myself over with my auto-scaling spells than I am with the powers that I have to effectively pay for a higher level power to use, when I may end up want those points later.

Of course, this space is probably wasted, as you just COMPLETELY ignored that spot-on math. Perhaps next time I post I'll break down the equivalent power points spent and left over, and maybe that will help you understand.

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Tacticslion wrote:
To bring more perspective: I've got ADD, pretty bad, and it's been getting worse as I age. But because I'm not addicted to checking facebook, email, and the like (though I am these boards!), using the iPad really doesn't present the distraction that it may for some. Instead, it's become a great tool that helps me maximize my time and energy, and to bring focus back to the table when rules questions would otherwise pop up.

I'd just like to respond because of this particular quote. I also have ADD, and have issues with taking any meds for it do to previous experiences with some of said meds, meaning I have to deal with it as best I can. And mine is HORRIBLE. Frankly, I could NOT play if I didn't have my iPad at the table with me. Yes, I store my character sheet on it. Yes, I store all of my books on it. No, I do not roll dice on it (I love the feel and sound of actual dice, and no speaker can quite replicate that sound properly, and it certainly can't replicate the feel). But I do far more than game on it.

Distractions aren't always a bad thing. I am pretty much incapable of focusing on one thing at a time. I've been known to quite literally read two or three books at the same time, because it's what my brain wants to do, and I'm not the only person like this. I understand that for some people, distractions are horrible, but they are required to function for some of us. Generally, I have solitaire and a browser open on my iPad while playing, and it does not prevent me from keeping up with what's going on. Quite the opposite. It helps me keep up with what's going on, because it keeps the wandering portions of my brain occupied so I can actually process what's going on.

So just shooting down tech because it's tech really isn't fair. It has its place. And it's amazing. I'm not sure I'd use this particular app (doing too much, and since I don't have any current method of an external display for my iPad where I game, there's no use to the maps for me), but it shouldn't be faulted just for being tech.

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There is no official Psionics book for Pathfinder, and the developers have stated that there are no current plans for one. However, Dreamscarred Press has released Psionics Unleashed (available in print and PDF) and Psionics Expanded (available in PDF, to be available in print shortly). Psionics Unleashed is a Pathfinder conversion of Expanded Psionics Handbook, while Psionics Expanded is the Advanced Player's Guide for Psionics.

Psionics Unleashed
Psionics Expanded

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DM would be eating his paperwork for the campaign, if I was in a good mood for the day. Absolute BS in my book. I've already dealt with that kind of situation. All players ended up quitting the campaign because it didn't matter what we did, the DM was going to set it up so we failed, because that's how the story went when he did a LARP of it. We were not happy. I don't think any one in that particular group would've tolerated this from any DM.

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I'm assuming text trumps table here, but the entry for advanced firearms specifies that they do not misfire, while the table lists misfires for all three advanced firearms. Which is it supposed to be?