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It means exactly that.

A 1st level Forgemaster with Extend Spell can memorize something like Lead Blades as an Extended Lead Blades, and casts it at CL2 to boot.

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Surprised that this doesn't have its own thread yet! There's some floating posts on folks' own threads, but we can give the honored warriors a nice tidy list. :)

Starting our Mummy's Mask table on Monday with the following:

Human Rogue of Shelyn (Sanctified Rogue)
Human Druid of Sarenrae (Desert Druid)
Human Alchemist of Irori (Chirurgeon, Internal Alchemist)
Human Sorcerer, Djinni-Bloodline
Human Cleric of Alseta

Very amused with how this party has worked out, and their motivations they've set for themselves make my inner DM grin. Self-perfection and ancient alchemical process for the Alchemist, money for the Druid (who grew up in the poor sections of Wati), explosions and adventure for the Sorcerer, and the Rogue is essentially an art historian, which makes me chuckle.

The Cleric's motivations are weep-worthy for this campaign, as she wishes to see her relatively minor deity be elevated to the reach and strength of the more common members of Golarion's pantheon, and research how she can better her goddess' divine rights. I feel like someone gave me a free bag of candy.

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Starting this as DM with a 5-person party in the next couple weeks.. our crew got together last night to talk character creation and come up with a party! Very excited! Been jonesing (ha) to run this pretty much since it was announced.

Now, am I completely blind, or is there no thread for the listing of parties undertaking this AP yet? Went to go DM-glee and share, but couldn't find one. :)

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I'm running a two player campaign of JR right now; finishing up Book 3 shortly.

Initially, I gave them two levels over a normal party and a solid point buy, and things have mostly been a breeze. It didn't solve their action economy issues, but gave them the hit points and output to endure, and access to some abilities early that helped them overpower their opponents. Brinewall , for example, used every last drop of resources, but they did it in one go. The Decapus was their biggest problem child. They're playing an Archery Ranger and Kensai Magus.

With the release of Mythic rules, I had them ascend at the end of Book One, and have been gently easing their XP back so that they're just now on the same level track as the books suggestion, with 2 Tiers. That, really, has proved to be an amazing choice! Their action economy and available resources have increased a lot, without actually giving them early access to unexpected feats and spells the way extra levels would. They function with the staying power of a 4 man party.

I'd planned on giving them 4 Mythic Tiers over time (logic being that 4 Tiers is supposed to equal +2 CR, replacing the -2 CR for them being half the normal party size), but given their high point buy, I think 3 will be enough in the long run. They do regularly bring an NPC with them (occasionally 2) that they change every time, but mostly for role play purposes and minor support. Keeping the NPCs 2 levels behind the standard XP track really keeps them from overpowering the campaign, especially if you don't optimize them for pure combat (they're certainly capable, but non-combat spells and tricks make them useful for RP and keep the PCs the stars of the show). They haven't been completely dismissable though, which is good. Except Sandru. Boy rolls nothing but 1's when he's with them.

I'd suggest Mythic for a 2 person campaign, with 2 Tiers relatively quick and capping at a max of 4. Gonna be standard operating procedure for me here on out, that's for sure!

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
And, if that person's specific question is posted in an angry, frustrated way, and leads to a lot of angry followup posts, we really can't set aside our other tasks to answer that person's question. Not because we're trying to punish anyone, or out of spite, but because we can't set a precedent that being a jerk on the boards is the way to get your question answered. Because that means "starting an inflammatory post to force the staff to get involved and answer the question" becomes the default method of getting a question answered. And none of us—employees or customers—want that.

As someone who mostly just reads the boards, thank you for this.

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In the case of Adaptive, the enchantment modifies the bow's composite draw bonus. So her Strength would only be added to damage akin to a melee weapon. Dexterity still determines Attack Bonus.

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Dulgrin, Dwarven Cleric (Forgemaster) of Torag
Gregor, Human Paladin of Iomedae
Tyreal, Aasimar Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light, Fiends, Vengeance) of Iomedae
Elsa, Human Paladin of Erastil
Arcanis, Aasimar Magus

We're really breaking the mold with this one, I swears it.

Level was was a hilarity of early derpitude thanks to a lack of healing potential and some truly unlucky dice.

Beginning level two shortly with a ridiculous pool of Lay on Hands throughout the party; we'll see where that road takes us!

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Playtested this with a portion of our game group for a couple hours for giggles, as it's one of our favorites thematically. Ran it through some combats with shells of my weekly game's party (Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Bard) and past combats, at levels 2 and 10 respectively.

I do agree with the comments about their weapon proficiencies (a scorpion whip was kind of a fun, brutal image, but adding some heavy steel to their toolkit does seem more... thematically alluring, I guess?).

At a pass, I actually disagree with a lot of the other critical sentiment here. The spells provided a versatile toolkit and utility. I echo Cuàn's comments about Spell Kenning in its practice; surprise Fireballs are rather fun. And the rage song was certainly effective, and fun (especially with Inspire Courage rolling along side). The one thing I would venture about the song at a pass would be the rage-like restriction on Int/Cha/Wis. It makes a lot of sense, but we fumbled for a bit figuring out exactly what that would cover. The Wizard happily refused the song; the Bard took it after laying down some magic and went to town with her own whip and rapier.

My Wizard and Paladin players suggested the idea that instead of the usual Int/Cha/Wis restriction with the song, having it give a Concentration debuff alongside the AC debuff. That seemed reasonable to me and differentiated it from the Barbarian's rage, though we didn't test out the thought.