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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Two year old thread bro.

Didn't feel like making a new thread when a perfectly good thread about the same topic already existed (plus I wasn't sure whether or not there were rules on the forums regarding necro'ing), but since there are, I apologize.

Still the fact that this is an old thread doesn't negate my question.

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
They don't make magic items that bypass this curse. So no, its not a move action, its a standard action, that bypasses the normal action of the bag as the bag has no power to ignore a curse.

So... you wouldn't let a Human Oracle with the Lame Curse (starting Base Speed 20 feet) take the Fleet Feet for +5 Feet added to Speed for a total of 25, and a few levels in Barbarian for an addition of 10 feet (which would let them take Rage Prophet if they were so inclined) putting the Lame Oracle's movement rate up to 35 feet (which is higher than most other humans). Simply because you believe that an Oracle has to live with their curse?

Sorry for necro'ing this, but the issue of the Haunted Curse has recently come up in one of my potential adventures.

I am pretty confident now that getting ammunition from a quiver or bullet sack does not count as retrieving a stored item as retrieving ammunition is a free action. I am also more or less confident that if you place an item down as a move action or slower that it does not count as dropping the item since the rules clearly define dropping an item as letting go of an item as a free action.

But what I am wondering is how does the Haunted Curse react in particular towards Ammunition fired from a Crossbow or a Sling or which is thrown like a spear or dagger?