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Adam Smith wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Adam Smith wrote:
Quick question, now that things have picked back up here. We've got some time this winter to do some conversion work. If we were considering playing an older PF 1.0 Adventure Path on the blog, which one would you be most interested in seeing presented?
War for the Crown?
So with this choice we have a more recent AP in addition to the two older ones listed. War for the Crown interests me, since from what I understand, it's got a larger focus on roleplaying encounters. I like the challenge of bringing court intrigue to the blog, it's something we haven't done before, and you know our feelings about anything we haven't done before...

War for the Crown sounds like a cool new challenge to tackle.

Adam Smith wrote:

Speaking for myself, this is the hardest project to let go of, and that includes every Pathfinder project since 2014. Each undertaking has its own story in our real lives, and its own spin inside the game as well.

The Emerald Spire Project tested how many days we could play consecutively toward a goal.

The Giantslayer Endeavor tested how many marathons we could sustain in half a year's time.

The Strange Aeons Experiment tested our ability to adapt to an entirely new genre for us.

The Pathfinder Playtest tested our skill in crunching a new system at the fastest pace imaginable.

The Azlant Odyssey tested our ability to hold a long campaign together despite the real-life events that challenged it. Two babies were born, two new members were inducted, and we tossed an eight-blog playtest into the middle of this AP. In terms of session hours, Azlant was the lengthiest campaign we've ever played, and a lot of that had to do with the amount of activities available to characters during downtime. Yet we found a way to come together again and again, to stand in awe as we opened the chambers of lost Azlant to gaze upon sites unseen for thousands of years.

Now a little something for the Order, you guys know I do this at the end of every path...

Marathon 1: Never forget that hike down the beach that we took as a group out to the end of Long Beach Island, with the lights of Atlantic City in the distance.

Marathon 2: I'd like to take a moment and thank Urgent Care, for providing medical treatment to three OAD members during this marathon. Oh yeah, there was that hospital trip in there too. The Order is more important than any one of us, so we played through.

Marathon 3: We already have a name for this one, and that evil USB chose it: File not found. It's too painful to elaborate on. Safe to say we won't forget it--yet there's nothing there.

Marathon 4: Hands-down one of the top three marathons in OAD history. In thirty-three...

This has been such a fun campaign to follow! From the first marathon on the beach, it was clear it was going to be one to remember, and I looked forward to seeing how you all would tackle it. I'm amazed at how smoothly marathon 2 now that we know there was a hospital visit in there! Glad to see all OAD members made it through safely.