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So I just purchased the last two items on my wish-list.....a wish-list that has always had a large number of items on it for many years. It's going to be strange to not constantly look to see what is coming out....not anticipating the next months release, and realize the game I loved is no longer producing content.

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I can't help but feel a little sad.
For years I have had a bulky wish list, and have daily checked on the advice and rules forums for discussions.....but it's all coming to an end.
I'm not planning to move to 2nd Edition, and 1st addition is winding down.
There are still a few releases left on my "wish list"....but all in all it is dwindling rapidly month by month.

I'm really grateful for the last ten+ years, and I'm glad that our group still has so many AP's to pursue.....but it still feels like a big chunk of my life is dying off.

I just purchased the updated Curse of the Crimson Throne this morning.
It appears in my digital content when I open it....but as soon as I click on it to download it disappears.

If I refresh the page it is again visible, but again as soon as I click on it, it disappears again :(

In preparation for the end of 1E....I'm making sure any holes in AP's are filled....but was wondering if there are modules that are highly recommended ?
We generally do entire AP' I only have a smattering of modules.

What say ye ?

I get this error message ....."Windows cannot complete the extraction. The Destination file could not be created."

The availability of things like Pawn Packs for the 1E modules ?

So the Ioun Kineticist....

Under Ioun focus say's "An ioun kineticist’s telekinetic blast always sends one or more of her ioun stones to strike her foes and immediately return*, and her wild talents typically manifest as her ioun stones moving or spinning to create fields of energy. This alters elemental focus."

Under Telekinetic blast, it states "If the attack hits, the target and the thrown object each take the blast’s damage."

I assume this ability protects the Ioun stones from damage in a manner similar to Telekinetic Boomerang ? Otherwise your Ioun stones would be destroyed in short order.....

Can this ability be applied to Natural attacks ?

Any traits or feats jump out as "must haves" ?

So when I purchased the PDF yesterday, I could download it, but not save it to my PC (1 was getting an odd error message). Now, when I go into my digital documents, I get a 404 error message and can't even open/download ???


I'm trying to take Barbarian with Weapon Specialization without fighter levels :P

My current build is Oozemorph 4 (2 Morphic Weapons) and Brawler 2, with Feral combat training....

I'm having a hard time figuring out how the new "Shifters Fury" ability would interact(or if it even would) with Brawlers Flurry and Feral combat ?

Is it even worth considering 2 more levels of Oozemorph to get Shifters Fury ?

So I have been exploring the Esoteric/Magus for over a week as the fluff fit's a character concept I have had perfectly.

I have read all the threads that don't feel it fit's the bill, and a few more current threads suggesting to take another look.

It's certainly not a Phantom Blade (who keeps their weapon harbored)...but conceptually it checks the boxes I need checked (A monk of Lissala type, Arcane caster, Prepared caster) I have decided to do the best with it I can.

Looking for advice specifically on Arcana....feats are at a premium and already pretty much consumed....

Any suggestions ?

I think they are related to Ooze....
Formed from corrupted Druid magic....terrain linked...

I can't remember what they are called or what book they are in :(

Anyone got any ?

I'm looking at this archetype, and I'm confused about a couple of points....

Does the domain ability you gain replace the lesser ability of the Spirit you channel ?

Or is it in addition to ?

Or is it completely replacing all the granted spirit abilities ? (can't imagine that's the case as that's a really bad trade)....

Can anyone provide some clarification on how this works ?

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With the release of UW....I have noticed an underlying (and unrelated) current in many of the criticisms/conversations, that have been expressed....that revolve around the current hesitation from Paizo to offer public playtests.

There have been a lot of views expressed, all of which have validity, and all of which we as a community should maybe give some thought and discussion to.

First off, it's pretty clear that many people are upset about the current/recent choice to not do playtests....I'm right in agreement with I found the choice to do public playtests to be one of the most novel and egalitarian choices I had seen any RPG company make.......and I have been doing this since the early "black and white Gygax days".... It very much cemented my decision that Paizo cared about the communities opinion, and was dedicated to actually working with a community as opposed to just making a buck (an opinion that I had already come to in the early D&D 4E day's....and why I switched to Paizo after years of supporting Wizards).

At the same one can argue that some people (especially on line) are simply incapable of acting like civil adult's. I'm not talking about bending over backwards to not offend....we have way to many people on line who are hunting for an excuse to take offense as well....both are equally a problem in on line communication.

There have been some suggestions as to how Paizo could handle problems....but the reality is, they have neither the time or man power to police all of the silly rubbish we almost effortlessly throw at them.

So my question is this....what can we, as a community, do to help police ourselves ?

What can we do to handle both the toxic people, and the squishys who can't handle criticism/bluntness of any type, so that they can participate in our community....without making Paizo staff solely responsible for handling everyone's behavior ?

Maybe if we can come to some agreement on that, and demonstrate that we can act on it in a respectful/responsible manner....playtests will become a viable option again in the future.

So....what I'm the idea of a caster who has an Ioun Wyrd,"core stone" implanted (as per the implanting Ioun stone rules) and can then implant future stones.....

And I'm trying to figure out what options I can work with.

Can an Ioun Wyrd count as a Bonded object as well as a familiar, based on constructs counting as objects ? So for example, being eligible for the Bonded Wizard Archetype ?

Can the Ioun Wyrds core stone count as the Ioun stone received from the Ioun Bond Discovery ?

Aside from Wizard....are their other classes that may be able to pull the concept off, for example Occultist ? (that ones possibly more of an advice thread question).

I want to create a Silksworn Occultist, that uses Thassilonian Tattoo's rather than fancy articles of clothing as focus objects....

Any inherent problems you can think of ?

So I have been pouring over a number of threads, and I'm still not seeing a concrete answer to any of my questions.

So a Kitsune basically has the racial ability to assume a restricted form based on Alter Self...
a. a specific Human/subtype (not humanoid).
b. Of the same sex (not any sex).
c. and can move back and forth between those two forms as they please, and can maintain any chosen form indefinitely.

The Realistic Likeness feat obviously overwrites "some" of the restrictions...but the only clear one being that they can emulate a "specific individual" which polymorph effects don't normally allow.

so the questions....

Does the specific individual still need to be of the same gender ?
I'm inclined to think no, since the gender clause is not mentioned.

can I move from form to form throughout the day ?
I'm inclined to say yes, as it's clearly just broadening the range of forms that can be chosen when using the ability.

Must the form still be specifically "human"....or is it opened up to humanoid as per Alter self ?
This one I'm very grey on. I would of course like to think it's opened to all forms eligible with Alter cosmetic changes of this nature have useful RP ramifications but little mechanical benefit....but it reads pretty blurry to me.

FAQ = Golden.....
Opinions = much appreciated food for thought...

1st Q: Does the Fleet feat improve any movement speed ?
example, would it increase climb speed as well ?

2nd Q: any other feats (or traits) that improve movement speed ?

When a Bloodrager/Sorcerer bloodline lists a bloodline you need to meet all prerequisites for the feat to choose it ?

Undead....associated with the Mana Wastes, can absorb spells...
Ring any bells ?

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So I'm looking at the Exciter Spiritualist Archetype, and I'm having some difficulty understanding some things.....

Specifically....."Merged Phantom: An exciter internalizes his phantom and merges it completely within his mind. He cannot fully manifest his phantom outside of his own body in incorporeal or ectoplasmic form. Emotional focus abilities that affect or require a manifested phantom are lost, except for any aura gained by the phantom at 7th level; if the phantom gains an aura at 7th level, this aura functions despite the phantom not being manifested, and is centered on the exciter."

That "sounds" to me like all phantom emotional focus abilities are lost(aside from the Aura) I have yet to see a focus ability that does not require a manifested Phantom ?

Also...." Excitation (Su): At 2nd level, when an exciter is in a rapture, each round he can choose to intensify his emotional fury, expending 2 rounds of rapture instead of 1. When he uses excitation, he chooses one of the two abilities that his emotional focus would normally grant to a manifested phantom, such as strength focus and powerful strike for an anger phantom, or power from despair and miserable strike for a despair phantom. He gains these abilities until the beginning of his next turn. If the ability normally augments only a phantom’s slam attacks, it instead applies to the ectoplasmic tendrils that the spiritualist can sprout using his ectoplasmic bonded manifestation. "

So when looking at the Hatred Phantom (the one I'm most likely to go with).....I see at least 4 abilities to choose I just taking "two" abilities to literally ?

I'm very tempted to use this archetype for a character....the one thing I'm really struggling with is the decreased BA of the Eidolon.

I know the iterative attacks lost are not a problem, and with a high enough strength the attack bonus could still be there....but it seems like it's a pretty bad nurf...

Opinions ?

I have been reading what information is available for the RMA in preparations for a character....and given their.....respect (of a sorts) for gods, I can't help but wonder what their general attitude would be to Razmiran Priests and the false god himself ?

Would they consider a "hit" on him ??

Opinions ???

So, say I'm a Druid that already has dark vision as a racial ability....if I transform into say a wolf (for example) that only has Low Light I loose my Dark Vision ? outside of the Mesmerist (who had gotten a goodly amount of feats that work with the class) I have had problems with both Kineticist and Phantom blade so far, as far as finding feats that help them to keep pace with older classes.

Any suggestions ?

So I'm looking at build possibilities using the new Phantom Blade, and I'm finding that most of the good Magus feat picks...don't apply to the Phantom Blade (can't meet requirements)....

But then I recalled the whole "Slashing Grace" feat thing....since a spiritualist is not using somatic components....would Slashing Grace work for the Phantom Blade ?

Would the spell endure elements protect a Gillman from the effect of being on land ?

So I have a concept...a Gnome Mesmerist, follower of the Lantern King..
...I keep trying to convince myself to go Fey Trickster, but If I go that route, the change in spell lists actually takes me far away from the track the Lantern Kings domains would normally give anyway.

I can take "Fey spell Lore" and "Fey spell versatility" to get some of them back.

The Fey veils are certainly in keeping with the Laughing Lie's domains....but I keep circling back to it's better to just go vanilla Mesmerist.....

Any way for a mesmerist to gain a few "nature" feel spells in the same way Fey spell lore and Fey spell versatility add some enchantment/illusion options to the Druid/Ranger list ???

The Gillmen already has a swim speed of 30 feet....

If taking the Aquatic Druid Archetype....which states....
"Natural Swimmer (Ex): At 3rd level, an aquatic druid gains a swim speed equal to half her land speed. This ability replaces trackless step.

would this ability stack ? or is it a wasted ability.....

I gather from the very sparse comments I can find that like most Kineticist archetype...this one isn't considered much of an option. However it fit's the flavor of a character concept I have been playing with for sometime, so well...I can't help but give it a try.

Basic elements....
Devilspawn Tiefling (pass for human) CE (back up character for Hells Vengence).
Fire element at 1st level, Void for Negative Blast at 7th level.
Basic concept has been that she uses souls to fuel her "Soulfire"....which is a form of infernal fire that can be used to punish even Devils.....a mutated form of Hellfire.

So far I'm thinking improved Initiative at 1st level, Toughness at 3rd level, Spell Penetration at 9th level, and Improved Spell Penetration at 11th level.

Any suggestions to make the most of this idea appreciated ;)

Way back in sins of the savior they introduced the feat Inscribe Rune for the purpose of tattooing a Thasilonian Rune on the target.

More recently they introduced the Inscribe Magical Tattoo feat, which is broader in application....

So my there any reason you could not use the Inscribe magical tattoo feat to inscribe a Thassilonian Rune ?

So if you gain a class ability that increases at intervals during level progression (sneak attack, Domain/School abilities, revelations, etc...etc...) prior to taking a PrC....those abilities stop scaling once you enter the PrC unless it specifically calls out their continued advancement correct ?

I'm not seeing any specific requirement for alignment in regards to this feat. Is that correct ? or have I missed something ?

I was just checking my wishlist to see what's coming out the end of this looks like nothing.

Am I missing something ?

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I was just looking at a spell from Occult origins...
The spell is called "Mantle of doubt".

It states "When a creature within the mantle’s radius attacks you or attempts to affect you with a harmful effect, it must succeed at a Will save as these spectres of uncertainty force themselves into its mind."

But the range is personal, and no radius is given ???

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I know there is a feat that allows spontaneous casters to add additional spells known....but I can't remember the actual name of it to find it on the OGC....and I can't remember what bloody book it's in...and since I have pretty much all of them...I'm getting frustrated checking one after another...

A little help anyone ;)

I need a feat that let's a race use a racial SP more than one a day. I was certain I saw one somewhere......

Sound familiar to anyone ?

The current download situation is pretty aggravating to many of us I'm sure...I keep periodically going to my downloads page and trying to download my recent no avail.

I'm not particularly "tech savy"....although I get the idea that the server is overloaded, and is more or less stuck trying to solve more computations than it can handle...

So what is the best thing for people to do ?

Is my frequent attempt to download adding to/aggravating the problem ?

Do people need to back off for a few day's and let it resolve itself ?

I need a magic item that grants a constant Death Knell aura ability....anyone know of such an item ?

I have a character concept...based heavily on the Bene Gesserit from DUNE.

Mesmerist (heavy focus on enchantment, especially charm, suggestion, command etc).

But I wanted to get a bit of the almost "monk like" combat skill in there as well. She's not meant to be front line melee....just wanted her to be able to surprise people with grapples and unarmed strikes when the occasion arises.

My original thought was to throw two levels of Brawler into the mix (taking Magical Knack trait to keep CL up)

I'm now looking at the Vexing Daredevil archytype...and considering taking that as well....but I'm really not sure about the loss of Bold Stare ???

I can see some of the Dazzling feint abilities as tying in nicely with the two levels of brawler (Combat maneuver, Outmaneuver, etc)

Am I giving up to much (delayed class progression and bold stare) to get a few situational abilities for the sake of flavor ?

Opinions ?
Suggestions ?

I could have sworn I saw a trait that allowed a character to start with MW armor at 1st level (payed the normal cost for the armor)...

Am I up in the night ?

Specifically....if a Changeling takes the "Hag Magic" alternate racial trait...which replaces the +1 Natural armor and claw attacks.

Could she still take the "Mothers Gift" racial feat...and gain a +1 NA ?

Have we gotten one yet ?

I'm already leery of illusion and enchantment based I have never had much luck landing effects.
But I'm considering a Mesmerist for Hell's vengence....
Will it be an exercise in futility ???

I'm toying with the idea of a fire/keneticist for the Hell's Wrath AP
But I'm flavoring it as a wielder of Hellfire....

To there any means (feat etc) that would allow me to turn half the damage to unholy ?

Or any means to get past immunity to an element ?

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