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Demon Hunter
Agent Pierce Brosnan

Male Human Marksman 6 /gunslinger 1 | HP 55 | F +8 R +10 W +8 | PAC 22 BAC 22 T 15 FF 18 CMD 21 | Init: +5 Perception: +10 (+14 if near psycrystal and looking down the scope) (566 posts)
Spell Sovereign
Alton VenRysn

male Grey Elf Oracle (bones, black blooded, duel cursed) 5/arcanist 3/glory rouge 2 (mageslayer) (560 posts)
Tungsten Dragon
Silver Crusade Antony Martin

M (male) Dragon Dragon (6) (349 posts)
Sable Company Elite Marine
Dark Archive Arthur Barren

Male Human (half forged) 11 invincable iron man/11 generator (1,327 posts)
Cale Vatay

Male Athenian Elf Preserver (arena mage) 2/psion (mercenary psion)2
AC 6 Hp 20 Saves paralyzation, poison, death magic, 13 rod/staff/wand 11 petrification/polymorph 10 breath weapon 15 spell 12 +2 on all saves vs mind affecting effect
(559 posts)

Cayden Murphy
(0 posts)
Chao Yin

M Air Touched Human Bender 12/monk 4/sorcerer 2/enlightened fist 6 (26 posts)

characters yet to be
(54 posts)
Cleric of Iomedae
Silver Crusade Chief Spanish Inquisitor
(1 post)
Market Patron
Christopher "Chris" Farrell

Male (M) Hobgoblin magus 3 (98 posts)
Amin Jalento
Clifford "Cliff" Barton

M death touched aasimar 4 magus (Myrmidarch)/4 quinningog zen archer monk (328 posts)
Silver Crusade Conner K.

M (male) Aasimar (anglekin) paladin 3 /bard (arcane duelist) 3 (500 posts)

dave's psycristal, Skeets

mentally identifies as male. no actual gender rune forged prototype piscrystal vitalist 9/soul-knife (soul-bolt/gifted blade) 9 (gsault lvl9) (152 posts)
Ekaym Smallcask

Male sorcerer 16 wilder (leader/telepath) 3 elocater 2, thrallherd 1, pyrokineticist 10. (4,761 posts)
Abra Lopati
Douglas Dawnflower

M mist fey ranger (trapper/falconer) (143 posts)
Shadow Lodge Dr William "Bill" Carter

M Human (437 posts)
The Exchange Drack Vakarin

Male Nagaji Fighter (opportunist venomblade) 1 (38 posts)
Tin Golem
Dark Archive Dryden.

Automaton Lvl 3 companion (7 posts)
Dark Archive Edwin McBride

Male (M) Dragonborn of Tiamat (formerly human) acolyte 0
AC 17 (touch 16, flat foot 14, +2 vs dragons) saves reflex +5 fort +5 will +3. HP 8
(117 posts)

Dark Archive Extra character builds
(0 posts)
Finnegan Mertian

gestalt summoner/paladin (0 posts)
Grim Jr.

Male Human-Reaper/obitu Death Mage 11/oracle 1/grim reaper 10 (1,405 posts)
Simulacrum of Vraxeris the Illusionist
Hall Stewart

M Neo-Elan Soulknife (gifted blade) 4. AC 18 FF 18 Touch 11 (+4 when using shield) HP 62/62 fort +7 reflex +6 will +12 (407 posts)
Dark Archive Hanna

F (female) Elf Magus/sorcerer 1
quick reference stats:
init +3 percept +7 Fort +5 will +4 reflex +4 AC 18 (21when moving) T 17 FF 11 +4 vs AOO vs move
(322 posts)
Shaktari, Queen of Mariliths
Dark Archive Hctib-Elttil
(2 posts)
Icarus Svarog

Lesser True Pheonix Familiar/companion (11 posts)

genderfluid half fiendish gnoll Oracle (feral soul) 6 (259 posts)
Wil Save
Jon Carson

Male Human Smart hero 2/ techno mage 3
HP 37 AC (Defence) 16
(92 posts)
Paracount Julistar
Sovereign Court Lucas Svarog

Male Firebird (looks like this but with blood red hair) Blight Druid (fey follower) 13/warlock 13 (303 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos
Magnus The Great

M God Of Fire and magic (86 posts)
Demon Hunter
Marco Theseus Cain

Male (M) Elan soulknife (shielded blade) 6/aegis (abarent) 3
passive defenses:
DR 2/- Saves Fort +7 reflex +6 will 10 AC 25 ff 23, t 13) CMD 12
(672 posts)
Lord Glorio Arkona
The Exchange Marcus Tamarin

Male Kitsune Bard (thunderstriker) 1 (434 posts)
Michel Tam

Male Greater Kitsune Bard(arcane duelist) 2 ] (185 posts)
Payet Best

M (male) Aasimar bard (arcane duelist) 4
AC 16 initiative +2 fort save +2, reflex +6 will +3
(271 posts)
Darius Finch
The Exchange Sam Starfield.

Male Quickling glory rougeninja (mage slayer) 6/sorcerer 6/arcane trickster 4 (14 posts)
Verik Vancaskerkin
Sean Rushman

Male (M) Human (Mutant) Ageis 3/soulknife 3/Soulforge 4/Rouge4 Mythic Defender 3 (7 posts)

Female Panther Animal Companion
+6 (+scent and low light vision) initiative +5, HP 22 AC 22 touch 16, flat foot 13, Reflex save +8 fort +4 will +2
(19 posts)
Telandia Edasseril
Liberty's Edge Vai Elspeth Sunwake
(7 posts)
Dark Archive Virgil Hass

Male. Human (Spark) Machinesmith 4/ alchemist 4 (123 posts)
Garuda-Blooded Aasimar
Shadow Lodge Wade Willhelm

Male (M) Aasimar (perikin) Oracle (bones, aboleth curse) (237 posts)
Garuda-Blooded Aasimar
Shadow Lodge Wade Willhelm v2

M (male) Aasimar (anglekin) oracle (bones, black blooded) 4/ antipaladin (lord of darkness) 4
HP 37 fort save+8 reflex save +11 will save +10 AC 23 initiative +2 perception +14
(751 posts)

william meagher
(0 posts)
Cayden Cailean
william meagher 834
(0 posts)
The yellow boxes

Figment Narrator 20 (585 posts)
Golem in Progress
Dark Archive Zix

N/A (use male pronouns because that's what the English language assumes) Spellweave Monk1//Magus (spell sword/War Warder)11/scholar 11/abjurant champion5/initiate of the sevenfold veil 7/netherese arcanist 10/magister 6/argent savent 5 (422 posts)