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James Jacobs wrote:

Yet at the same time, I think this is an example of overdesign for firearms, which is a trap that gun rules OFTEN fall into in RPGs.

My suggestion would be to ignore the rule and let firearms scale just like any other weapon.

Firearms are indeed often overdesigned but I think the reason is to make them feel different (rather than simply work differently) from more primitive ranged weapons. The real question for Kor is whether he feels that this rule regarding small characters achieves that end. I agree with James, however, about the logic behind the rule: little guys have more trouble with recoil. Also, a small rifle shooting the same projectile as a medium weapon will have even more "kick" than the medium weapon--think of the difference between shooting 45LC through a colt-style revolver versus through a derringer.

Ross Byers wrote:
Paladins are Lawful Good. They always have been. They always should be. That's what Paladin means.

There is a lot of power behind this argument. The paladin is a hallmark of this game. A CG or even LN paladin simply is not a paladin. Call it something else, fine, but it's not a paladin. (As for relieving a CG paladinesque class of its warhorse, I'd go so far as to strip it of smite and ask for some new flavor/mechanic.) Just imagine a beholder with TWO big eyes on its body. Iconoclasm isn't as cool as you might think, especially in a core book.