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Full Name





Bard 1







Special Abilities

Whistle while dancing and shotting a bow.


Chaotic Good


Irori and Nethys




Common, Gnome, Sylvian, Elven, Draconic and Dwarf.


Storyteller, DM and Motivator.

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Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Mance Dickinson

The Dickinsons is a least important family of merchants and caravaneers, very old and not-so known in Magnimar. Entered to Lower Noble class long time ago, after discovering a smuggling route into a castle under siege now utterly forgotten. This fact alone twisted the plot of the siege and made the castle repeal the enemies. However, the Dickinsons were never rich, lived through the ages doing humbles business and failed new enterprises.
Bruce and Alana Dickinson are the owners of Le Dickinsons Transportation and Trade Corporation, organizing caravans and transport bussiness, doing trades and commission jobs eventually along the Yondabakari River and Varisian Bay. Some time ago the bussiness were not economically efficient for the Company and a series of unfortunate events (and bad decisions) put them in the danger of bankrupt and the title of Nobles in question. Having ten children do not help at all.
So, parents decided then put the offspring in the market, to lessing the costs of the house and to try recover the economical healthy of the family. Holding only the two oldest sons to heir the bussiness, all the others were sent to elsewhere.
Yrvana, Dalscina and Gimbleniti were excelsior with numbers and accounting, so they were sent to other merchant families as trainee. Some debt with those families were paid this way, and children will have a brilliant future.
Bibbfi and Nerbflin were less intelect and more phisical, so they were sent to become apprentice on Magnimar City Watch, recieve training, food, shelter to the age of becoming warriors and after pay themselves for this will have good salaries as watchers.
Golfrovrile and Kylsciri became faithfull thralls of gods and acolites by going to Windsong Abbey.
And there was Mancemiltetiti. Mance was the tenth son. The options for Bruce and Alana were running low. So the fate smile upon them, a passing bymember of Cypher Lodge saw a potential in the kid and decided to took him to study among the cyphermages. Bruce recieve and valorous amount of money, which ultimately save them from the bankrupt danger. And as side effect, give to the children a good and profitable future as wizard.
Mance was more skilled with words than magic itself. Eriol, the cyphermage who recruit he saw a potential for bardic practice. And, while frustrated, focused on teaching the little happy gnome, a Loremaster.
The young Gnome rapidly evolve in arts of oratory and roleplay. It was known as excellent Dungeon Master between the nerds in the Lodge. This activity was object of harass and bullying from the students of advanced magic, mainly a group entitled themselves as High Elves.
The High Elves were wizards in formation, that used to overestimate themselves and their arts, put them above all the colleagues. Mance decided react, he gathered Shank, a gnome summoner, and Bronn, a human "magus", and working together end to discover that the High Elves were using the alchemical laboratories to craft illegal drugs, exposing it to the High Elves. After this, the High Elves, surprised by the discovered of the trio, let the bullying aside.
Mance then discover that Bronn was not a really Magus, he do not have any magical at all, he simply was trainning martial between Magus and he will fail at final tests because it. Mance and Shank helped Bronn to cheat the lasts magicks tests, doing some minor effects using Prestidigitation and Magic Hand to emulate Magus habilities, while Bronn use brute force to overcome the challenges.
Graduated, they left for their share of aventures.