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About Mallene Lidanya

Stats, Adept:

Medium organic (asari) Class: Asari Adept lvl 3
Senses: Listen +2, Spot +2
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft
Defense: 14 (+4 Dex), touch 14, flat-footed 10
Shield HP: 20 Shield HP DR: 1
HP: 11 (3d6) HP DR: 1
Fortitude: +3 (only +1 vs. environmental effects)
Reflex: +8 (only +5 vs. environmental effects)
Will: +5
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+1
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft
Weapon: M-3 Predator VI (SA 3, R -2, ammo 15, 30 ft)
One shot +5
Double Tap +4
Auto-Fire 1st action: +4
Auto-Fire 2nd action: +2
Full-Auto Fire 1st action: +4
Full-Auto Fire 2nd action: +2
Full-Auto Fire 3rd action: +0
Critical: 19-20/×2
Damage: 1d6+3
Biotic Points: 15.
Biotic Powers
Throw (rank 2), Warp (rank 2), Warp Ammo (rank 2)

Str: 11 (13-2) Dex: 18 (16+2) Con: 10 (12-2) Int: 10 Wis: 14 (12+2) Cha: 18 (16+2)
Feats: Ardat-Yakshi, Skilled (hide, gather information, bluff), Weapon Focus (submachine gun)
Skills: Biotics 6+, Knowledge (physics, biology) 6+, Hide 10+, Intimidate 10+, Bluff 12+, Gather information 6+, Diplomacy (untrained) 8+
Morality: Paragon +0, Renegade +20
Ability Points: 12
Melding: DC 26 or die
Rosenkov I (3750), M-3 Predator VI (2446), Language Translator Software (20), Omni-Tool (50), Medi-Gel kit 5 (250), First Aid Dispenser (20), thermal clips 12 (12) and 1532 credits. Weight 28 lb


In combat: http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Sisterhood_Initiate
Face: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100208110652/masseffect/images/d/d6/An aya.png


Mallene was born on a small frontier colony which bordered asari space, she was an ordinary child. Mallene was playful, exuberant and was a true latchkey child, while life was hard on the colony Mallene thrived until the one fateful night...
Mallene had just turned forty and her mother like she had done in Mallene's early childhood would meld with her daughter to impart knowledge and memories... This time around however her mother as she touched Mallene suddenly began to have a seizure and in a minute was dead.

Mallene knew what had occurred and tried to flee but the Justicars were too quick...

The Prison:

Mallene was captured by Justicar Phora and was sent to the icy hell of Trategos, she was sent to an anonymous prison camp on the planet's coldest reaches. This prison camp was for the worst of asari society and apparently Justicar Phora had decided that Mallene qualified...
Mallene would live in this frigid hell for a century, yet all was not grim in this dark and cold hell.

Mallene was taken under the wing of a captured Eclipse Commando, Kalistrae Lidanya. Lidanya was the closest thing to a mother that Mallene had in that prison and she was taught much by her surrogate mother. She was told of the wonders and dangers that lay in the Terminus systems and of the rich food, good wine and excellent life that awaited an Eclipse mercenary. They began to plot their escape, it took decades of careful planning and subterfuge...


Finally after 100 years of hell the escape was launched, they had through years of stealing, hiding and building they assembled a crude but functioning pistol. With it they were able to kill a guard and commandeer an assault rifle.

They made their way through to the landing pad and stole a shuttle, then disaster struck. For on that fateful morning Justicar Phora had arrived with another batch of prisoners and her skill with her weapon was deadly... Kalistrae Lidanya was shot seven times in the chest, her blood poured out in a pool on the shuttle as the doors retracted... With her dying breath she gave Mallene a small letter and pronounced Mallene to be her rightful daughter and heir.

Dying Moments:

Mallene set the shuttle on auto pilot and darted to mother's side, Mallene grabbed a med kit form the wall as she moved and tried to administer first aid... Kalistrae then spoke, blood flowing from her mouth and down her chin.

Mallene, please don't waste the medicine on me...you will need it soon eno-.

Kalistrae began to violently cough and Mallene quickly rushed to inject a vial labeled pain killer into her mother's arm. Kalistrae's body stopped shuddering as the pain killer did it's work and she spoke, her voice was faint but audible.

Thank you my child, now listen to me. I am going to die, there is nothing you can do to stop it. You are in truth my daughter in spirit if not in blood, take this letter to the Eclipse Commander Chorban on Omega. He will see to it that you receive medical treatment and that you become an Eclipse Commando. No questions will be asked about your condition, Chorban is discre-

For the last time Kalistrae Lidanya choked, the final gush of blood flowed from her mouth and Mallene wept as she held the letter in her hands... The shuttle sped on and the cold, seemingly mournful winds of Trategos blew, singing their cruel lament...


> Revenge, Mallene will kill Justicar Phora, the murder of her mother demands it.
> Freedom, Mallene after the defeat of Justicar Phora sincerely desires to escape the galaxy. She wants to have a free life, one where is not chased by Justicars for being born with a disease she never wanted.
> (may replace Freedom as a goal) Mallene may want Freedom but Power tugs at her as well. She is wise and charismatic and with that weak willed Salarian in charge of the Eclipse a coup could be initiated sometime in the future or Mallene just might claim leadership after his death from old age... Power is addictive and with the Eclipse under her control she might just find the damn cure...
> A Cure, Mallene knows it is a pipe dream but if a cure could be found she would set the galaxy on fire to acquire it...