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About Malisai

Well, I was raised on a small island in Minata. Everyone was like me. We were all tieflings, as I eventually learned we were called by most folks. When anyone in my tribe birthed a human, we... well, ate them. The baby, that is. I was being taught the ways of fighting and of witch-doctery. I learned a lot, but almost nothing of the "normal" customs of outsiders.

When a group of humans arrived to study the catacombs that we held sacred, we staged an ambush; we were going to sacrifice and eat them in honor of the mystical malevolence that granted our witch-doctors their power. We had no way of knowing that they would be so well prepared.

I was taken prisoner by the humans, who I would learn were "Pathfinders" in service to a great institution of learning and to the Lantern Lodge, within, who specialized in spreading the wisdom of Tian Xia to the rest of the world (of which I had been altogether unaware).

I was taken to Amara Li, the Lantern Lodge's leader and representative to the Pathfinder Society in Absolom, the most amazing place I have ever visited. She has cared greatly for me and given me something worth fighting for: knowledge. I would go gladly to any destination she asks.

I will be sad to see her go back to Tian Xia.