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The Div frustrated my party as well. And left a couple of them cursed for a good amount of time. I made some purposeful strategic mistakes with the Div so the Dim Door was not so frustrating.

Hoping interactive maps for MM are going to be available...will they be?

That makes sense, I don't play MMORPG's like WoW. That would explain why I did not know that So, back to the original question. I have read many opinions on this and the following is the one that makes the most sense to me. Anyone have an opinion about it?

I'm pretty certain you can't; the Toppling Spell metamagic feat requires you to prepare it in conjunction with a force spell that targets a creature. The actual target of the spell are your allies, and the explosion effect of Wrathful Mantle does not target a creature; it's an area of effect. /quote

Thanks for the answer. This actually is a copy and paste question from Pathfinder RPG on Facebook. So, what his meaning was I don't know, I just assumed he pluralized mob. meaning a loud and unruly group of people.

Question: as a cleric I cast wrathful mantle with two teammates beside. ( spell says can target by touch or all creatures 5ft from me). So the barbarian who just got wrathful mantle charges in and as a swift action detonates the armor for force damage. I have toppling spell feat and as it was my spell on the barbarian does the damage from the barbs mantle exploding still cause the mobs around him to drop prone?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. So busy these days you have saved me a huge amount of time. Excellent work sir. I get paid on the 20th if it is ok with you I will hit your wish list. Hoping you continue with the rest of the path.