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poor successor


Well, this book ads some flavor and some material which can be found in other books, but it is nicely summed up here. If you already have a lot of source books, than take a first glimpse before you grab it. If you start from core only, this book is nice.

Why i only give 2 Stars?
Because this book is ment to replace seeker of secrets, but it refers to seeker of secrets in some parts! So what? If you want a book to replace another, than do it properly and include all material. Especialy, since this one is also replacing seeker of secrets as core assumption in society play.
If you want to get rid of stuff from the former Version it is OK, but then stop referring to it!


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Pretty tough play


Well, well, what shall i say.
Following the description on page 1 it is designed for four level 1 characters and that is really challenging, if not nearly impossible. Played with four guys as intro to PFS and it was way too hard. Possible damage in some encounters is far too high (talking to you, burning skeletons) and with PFS-rules there is no room to adjust.
Play it in a group of six and have a solid and fun dungeon crawl with all the fun battling skeletons, swarms and stenchy troglodytes.