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to me it is important to build a character that is capable of doing the things you want to do.. Optimisation is your tool to make sure your able to do things.. a sub optimal character is not about roleplaying its about not being able to succeed... at anything.

Choose what your goal in the game is.. then build your character to do that.

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there is nothing wrong with Sim city magic edition

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I think if your looking for a spell that makes money then creating undead is chump change..

fabricate now that is a great spell for making money

though im thinking i may need to hire your skeletal oxen to carry all my fabricated treasure around

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i think your a little harsh on the poor grippli as they have an awesome feat Agile Tongue 10' reach touch attack is useful, Vampiric Tongue anyone?

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Jaçinto wrote:

There are very few things that turn me away from a class.

1: Does it let me turn the game into single player mode where, with the right build, I am the only one playing and the other players are essentially extras? (Wizard, since it has been argued they can fill any role and do them better.)

2: Did I already play it recently?

3: Does it make sense in the current setting?

4: Does it appear to have so much power in a fight that it can, by itself, end an encounter in a round or two and thus remove all challenge?

5: Is someone else in the group already playing essentially the same thing?

6: Did the group munchkin yammer constantly about how X class sucks to the point where the only way to shut them up is to not play it?

you rock.. though i would add

7: just to annoy those that strongly dislike a class due to inferior mechanic. then do it well,

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WoW as a Person who has played several witches. i can say beguiling gift is great. My main Witch that is now a level 14 "Halfling Jinx" witch I cant recommend halfling and the jinx trait enough its an awesome option Evil eye giving -7 to all saves is a game changer especially since the witch is about 75% Save or suck spells (or hexes) don't let people talk you out of taking icy prison ... most importantly it is often your only defense against Undead, Golems, Dragons, and other things immune to all of your mind affecting spells. as a witch that is most of them.

But back to Humphry. he was "Chef" and made Pies (had craft PieMaking maxed) always make sure your pies are big and would take two hands to carry that is how "Beguiling gift" works best. if your not the good type you can Poison your Pies before casting "Beguiling gift"

what is also great about "beguiling gift" is when an enemy decides to close in on you its a great getaway spell.. just remember to not stick around waiting for their critique on your magnificent Pie. (I often get lost in the moment of Pie eating bliss)

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Combat expertise, + Reach weapon, +Bodyguard, +Helpful Trait, +Benevolent Armour enhancement,

up to +9 AC to adjacent allies


improved trip. greater trip..


Splintering Weapon
Your fragile weapon works to your advantage, breaking off fragments in wounds you inflict.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, proficient with weapon, weapon made of primitive material.
Benefit: Whenever you use a melee or thrown weapon with the fragile weapon feature (page 146 ultimate combat) or similar quality and hit an opponent, you can give your weapon the broken condition to deal that opponent 1d4 points of bleed damage.

+ Bronze javalins

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When you run a Mod with minimal Prep time and no one notices because they all had lots of fun.

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Basic Rogue and Monk are the most powerful classes. why because everyone rates them as the worst there for they will be under estimated when they kick you ass.

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0th: Detect magic, Acid Splash (for Golems & unlimited combat use) Prestigitation, light, ray of frost.

1st: Colour spray, Grease, shield, Mage Armour, sleep (early on), Magic missile, Burning hands (to deal with swarms), enlarge person

2nd: Glitter Dust, Scorching Ray, Oppressive Boredom, invisibility, See invisibility, False Life, Bulls strength

3rd: Dispel Magic, Fireball, lightning bolt, protection from energy, fly,

4th: Dimension door, Confusion, Phantasmal killer, stone skin, solid fog

5th: Teleport, Wall of Force, Dominate person, cone of cold, Dismissal

6th: Dispel magic greater, Disintegrate, flesh to stone

7th: Limited Wish, Teleport greater, Planeshift, power word blind, force cage, prismatic spray

8th: power word stun, Polar ray, telekinetic Sphere, Prismatic wall

9th: Wish, Shapechange, Interplanetary Teleport, Time Stop, Dominate Monster

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any of you not seeing how a swift action to cast any spell that is prepared is way too over powered is deluding themselves. this class has more in its action economy than any other. not to mention the highest attack bonus of any class.

this class is the martial class. better than fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, bloodrager,

this class will make a summoner look like it is not cheese.

let me give you an example.

with use of the +1 caster level trait and (spell focus evocation 1st verisian tattoo Evocation human 1st)

at second level you get fervor oh now i can swift action Divine Favor with +2 attack and damage

ok so that is now +3 due to casting magic weapon. with a +2 for you attack bonus and +4 for a 18 strength (which is not unreasonable)

a second level character with +9 to hit and +9 to damage (two handed) at third level get power attack and furious focus. then you are looking at +10 att and +12 damage then

it stacks up more at 4th +13 attack +17 damage.

with a swift action???

no other mele character can do that. better than the cleric.

my solution remove the swift action casting of buff spells it is ludicrously over powered.

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my paladin build..

STR 17
Dex 7
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 8
Cha 17

1. Fighter1 (Weapon Master) Power Attack*(fighter) / Iron Will (for Divine Scion)
2. Oracle of Lore1 (Seeker) [Revelation Sidestep Secret (Su)](Cha to AC & reflex saves)
3. Paladin1 [Detect Evil, Aura of Good] Extra Revelation [Lore Keeper]
4. Paladin2 [Cha to Saves, Lay on Hands]
5. Fighter2 Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)* / Extra Revelation [Focused Trance (Ex)]
6. Paladin3 [Aura of courage, divine health, mercy, Lay on Hands 2d6]
7. Paladin4 [Smite 2/day Channel Positive] Greater Mercy (Extra 1d6 on Lay on hands/Channel)
8. Fighter3 [Weapon Training (Bastard Sword)]
9. Divined Scion1 Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword)
10. Paladin5 [Divine Bond – Mount?]
11. Paladin6 Boon Companion (Paladin Mount is now level 11)
12. Paladin7 [Smite evil 3/day]
13. Paladin8 [Aura of resolve – seriously useful against confusion etc] Improved Critical (Bastard Sword/Sunblade)
14. Fighter4 Greater Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword/Sunblade)*(fighter) / Greater Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword/Sunblade)
15. Paladin9 Ultimate Mercy (Bring Back Folks form the Dead with Lay on Hands!) – Channel/Lay on Hands 6d6 if no conditions, 5d6

Defender of the Society +1 trait bonus to AC!!!
Perception Trait (This is in Ultimate campaign – social) -> Seeker doesn’t give perception as a Class Skill (only gives Disable Device) despite being a rogue so this is important! +1 perception and is a Class Skill

Favored Class Paladin (Take the Skill points!)

Items to buy:

Silver Smite Bracelets (Will Smite as +4 levels Paladin)
+6 Cha Booster
+6 Belt of Str/Con
Dueling Gloves (+2 hit and damage with Bastard Sword/Sunblade and CANNOT be disarmed of it!)
Eyes of the Eagle (to find traps as wisdom is s&$~house)
Ioun Stone of Int (you need this to get Spellcraft or something as your Skill requirements for Divine Scion are large)
Celestial Armor
Boots of Speed because Duh
Trap finding ring or whatever it is called that gives +5 Disable Device (as you have bad dex for disarming traps)

Your damage at level 15, WITHOUT BUFFS will be

Str 26 (+12)
Power Attack BaB 13 (+12)
Wpn Training with Gloves (+3)
+2 Wpn (Sunblade +4 vs Undead) (+2)
Wpn Spec (+2)
Greater Wpn Spec (+2)

= 1d10 + 33 (17-20 x2) + Bless weapon auto confirm!

Vs Undead

= 2d10 + 70 (17-20x3) + Bless weapon auto confirm!

With Smite

= 2d10 + 96 (17-20x3) + Bless weapon auto confirm!


Your To Hit will be MASSIVE as well

Bab +13
Str +8
Wpn Training +3
Wpn Focus Feats +2
Power Attack -4
+2 Wpn
+1 Haste

= +24/+24/+19/+14


= +26/+26/+21/+16 vs Undead

With Smite and Cha 24 (+7)

= + 33 vs non Undead, +35 vs Undead!

with this build you can find and remove traps, bring people back from the dead and hit real hard also with plenty of knowledge to identify things.

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All those that are saying that this dose not work are wrong. As per SKR there is no need to complicate things with parra fraseing due to different authors.

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Royal Bloodlines of the Inner sea.

a book that introduces Royal Magic (i am thinking of birthright right now) but a series of feats and spells that are enhanced by each other that affect royal blooded characters. I am thinking like mythic characters but not quite so awesome. plenty of stories of various bloodlines including Taldor,Cheliax and Oserion...etc..
royal blood archetypes and how to use royal blood in rituals.

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I blame Cosmo for all the time i wasted reading the whole thread before posting

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Though I did expect the Spanish one

The next poster will tell us of his kittens

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Trust me From Real experience Higher AC is very inefficient as you can always be hit on a 20 and most NPC's have much higher to hit than you do. but if you have a few other tricks up your sleeve it can be incredibly effective. try making them re-roll those 20's for example...

I digress. I have found Combat expertise very useful but widely misunderstood. the biggest problem is when they DM or other players get upset with you for having a high AC that they cant hit on a roll of a 19 then classify you a power-gamer merely because you wanted improved steal or something like that.

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I personally dislike home brew Rules. things like necromancy is inherently going to change your alignment.

Seriously??? next you will be saying you cant be a good witch because they all have Hex's.. or for that matter Magic is the work of the devil and that we are all sinners for playing "Dungeons and dragons" within our life times. next time you decide to change the rules step back a bit and think about how your game Pathfinder is actually affected by your decisions as a whole the game system is balanced to be enjoyable for everyone. there is some power creep (for the power-gamers) there is alignment for the Role-players and in the middle there are those that enjoy the rules those that if you stated that was the way you ran your game they would just walk away from your table.

ok rant over...