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I already have some rules dissection happening. When rolling and applying ability boosts the rules state
"If you reach a 17 or 18 in an ability score, you’re still limited to the cap of 18 in any ability score at level 1. This might mean a step will require you to put an ability boost into an ability that would raise it above the cap. When this happens, you can put the ability boost into another score instead, or you can put it into a 17 and lose the excess increase."

Those in my house who tend to be the "rules lawyers" are arguing that this means any ability.

I, however, am pointing out: "For instance, if you rolled a 17 for Constitution and were creating a dwarf, you could apply your dwarf’s racial Constitution ability boost to your Strength of 14 instead. You could still apply it to Constitution anyway, making it an 18, but you’d lose the long-term benefits you would have gained if you’d applied it to a lower score," as meaning that you may apply it to the other ability that you could normally apply a boost.

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite
As always need overflow GMs. But more importantly players. Bring your character out to play if you are in our neck of the woods. We would love to see you. We have a GM from Georgia coming in, a GM flying in from Kazakhstan to spend his vacation GMing, Kelly Youngblood Houston VC. It should be a blast.

Delite Leake, VC Texas - Texarkana Region.

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

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Please welcome Scott Flores in Tyler, TX as our new VL. Scott has been a great asset to PFS aso a player aND will continue to be so as a VO.

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Okay everyone sound off. I would like to have a comprehensive list of all conventions happening between now and Dragon Con that have a PFS presence. I find plenty of conventions that list they have RPGs but they don't specify if PFS is there.

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Greetings, Pathfinders. I do hope this finds you well. I wanted to let any of you, who may be traveling in the East/Northeast Texas Region during this time that Texarkan Region Pathfinder Society will be present at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con. We have three GMs from GA coming in to help create an awesome event and many of our up and coming GMs would love for you to join them at their tables. If you will be in the area and have the time. Please sign up: 796059092/806787969331772/?type=1&theater

Thank you ever so much and continue your adventures and always let your character out to play.

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

Please join me in welcoming, Dekota Rodgers, my new VL for Mount Pleasant. He has stepped up in a big way. I know he will do a great job.

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Over the Independence Day Weekend I attended my first Paizo Con. My feelings about PFS had been so strong before the con, I had applied for a Venture Captain position for a region that Mike Brock was quick to decide the epicenter should be Texarkana, Texas. But, after attending I have gained a new perspective of PFS. Yes, I had attended other cons, but this time I was attending as a Venture Officer and I looked with different eyes.

My feelings now are that Pathfinder Society Organized Play is the best thing since sliced bread.

I gazed around the Washington Ballroom of the Marriott and saw a plethora of demographics represented. I am sure we can all agree that geeks tend to be more accepting, but the PFS community is even more so. Like the Borg we seek out uniqueness and incorporate it into our own brand of geekness, and like the Borg say, “Resistance is futile.”

Thank you Paizo. You have done a fantastic job of creating a robust world where strong female characters tell our girls that you can be anything you set your mind on. Now, when I walk into a room, I am not the only female, as I would have been in the not so distant past. In fact, every time I go to a con there are more than there were the last time.

Also scattered across the room were a wide range of ages. I have always said that RPGs were great for supplementing a child’s education. Pathfinder has everything; reading, math, writing, abstract thinking, and let’s not forget fine arts. But, kudos Paizo you have successfully made gaming a family event. It is not unusual to see Dad, Mom, and a group of kids dominating an entire table. I always say, the family that games together, stays together.

Keep up the good work Paizo and we will continue to Explore, Report, and Cooperate.

Delite Leake VC - Texarkana Region

Venture-Captain, Texas—Texarkana aka atexasdelite

I am proud to announce David Perkins a Venture Lieutenant for Longview. He has faithfully followed PFS from store to store since he began playing and is now ready to step up to the plate. He has even managed to get our foot back in the door at a store who doesn't want any interference with his ccg income. David has assured them he will work around their events.

Greetings fellow pathfinders,

I have thus far gotten my PFS fix at DragonCon and an extra trip to GA. Also, Venture-Lieutenant David Shaw from Athens, GA made a trip down early on this year to GM a couple of games for us.

All that being said, Tyler, TX is having its first Tyler Rose Comic Con, and I put my gaming where my mouth is. I called the owner of the con and asked if he had a PFS presence, he said no, so I asked, "Would you like one?' He said, "I would LOVE one.' Next thing I know I have comic book stores wanting a presence.

Most of my GMs come from my family (Myself, my husband, two of my sons, but one of them is my friend). Hopefully I can develop the Tyler area, find a few GMs there to carry on, then move to Texarkana, TX (which shares a border with Texarkana, Arkansas which doesn't have a noted PFS presence). Then there is Longview, Kilgore, Paris, and the town I live in Mount Pleasant. There are a few other towns I might be able to get gaming going in. My hope is to have PFS take firm hold so I will be able to rotate through all of these lovely towns and always have my fix of social niceties and PFS.

Dallas is two hours away from our neck of the woods in Northeast Texas. So, while the Venture-Captain Jon Cary is asking GMs there, I don't expect people to be able to drive our way.

So, I need you guys to throw out everything you can think of that will aid me in organizing here.


Delite Leake (Luna Shadowborn)

Ok guys, do paladins require some divine belief (deity or otherwise) to be granted their specific divine power.

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