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Now it comes out on my Birthday

I have to save up for this one but I am adding it to my Magic card collection I have of all the other magic cards of pathfinder so when I use a spell I can have the card on hand. I have a Druid, Bard, and Wizard that I made but have not used yet. As well as my Monk. I love my little monk.

I am going to get this for my Alchemist because it has a lot of things to it.

Ezekieru wrote:
Luna Rose wrote:

This book looks interesting but do I need it?

Are you planning on having undead monsters in your campaign, or plan on having your players play undead options? Then yes. If not, then probably no.

That's gonna be a common question to ask regarding future rulebooks from now on. Everything from Secrets of Magic onward aren't considered "core books," so whether their aimed-at niche is worth it is something you'd need to ask yourself with each new release.

Thank you. I am thinking of getting the spell book because of the spells but the other books I am not sure of what I need as I am new and have only been playing for six months now.

This book looks interesting but do I need it?