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Organized Play Characters

Varisian Barbarian
Liberty's Edge Praetos

male Human Barbarian 3 / Flame Oracle 1 (0 posts)
Blood Vol Cultist
Dark Archive Balthazar Thrune

male Tiefling (Devil-Spawn) Inquisitor 8 / Hellknight Signifier 1 (0 posts)
Kaigon the Miscreant
The Exchange Bobreck Saada

male Dwarf Cleric 1 (0 posts)
Lord Raheem Pandisar
Scarab Sages Raja Singh

male Human Cleric 1 (0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Podge Puddlepuck

male Halfling Cleric 1 (0 posts)
Barl Breakbones
Scarab Sages Grom Orebones

male Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 1 (0 posts)
Man in the Mwangi Expanse
Silver Crusade Perseus Reginald Black

male Human Paladin 1 (0 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Sczarni Kaven Karela

male Human Rogue 1 (0 posts)
Scarab Sages Rama Sul

male Ifrit Bloodrager 1 (0 posts)
Giant Frog
Sovereign Court Gaston Grenouille

Grippli (0 posts)
The Exchange Bartalos Abujin

male Sylph Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) (0 posts)
Alviana Shadowsworn
Dark Archive Lucius Monsada

male Human Ranger 1 (0 posts)

The Exchange Rakki

male Kitsune Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Timothy Timmons
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Greshk

male half-orc Barbarian (0 posts)

Dark Archive Izzik

male Tengu Unchained Rogue (Swordmaster) 1 (0 posts)
Dark Archive Vladimir Falstaff

male Human Fighter 1 (0 posts)

Vigilant Seal Lucien Monçada

male Human Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)


Liberty's Edge Randy Price
(1 post)