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Your new Flexible Fighter - no longer just the feat guy


I have been looking for a new fighter class for a while. Between other people’s homebrew, the various archetypes and 3rd party. Legendary has everything I was looking for; fighter specific abilities, true choices (besides feats) almost every level, more skillful, some cool things with latent feats without stepping on the brawler’s toes and some higher level abilities that are not just more numbers.
Favorites: Rapid attack at 11th level can move and full attack. Explaining how all current archetypes work with the legendary fighter. I also really enjoyed the sections where LG explained why they made the choices they did. I also really enjoyed how they broke armor training up so you only needed to select the pieces you wanted.

All in all, I think the Legendary fighter is far more flexible and adaptable than the core “feat guy” fighter. It also does not "need" an archetype to "fix" him. I would put him on par with the other martials like paladin, barbarian and ranger.

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Even more flexibility for your Talented Bard


- Please see my review on Talented Bard and other Talent products. The line is excellent.

This is even more talents and edges to choose from for even more flexibility. Went to some of the more unusual bard archetypes like Hoaxer and Phrenologist. My favorites are Headbasher’s Ball and the Grand Talent Hall of Fame (which basically lets you be Keith Richards – immune to drugs and aging and can have a huge concert/audience with no notice) I would give the product a 4+, but I will round up because I really like the Talented line.

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Bards Don't Suck !


Talented Bard is the latest in the excellent RGG Talented Heroes line. (Starting with Talented Fighter 3 years ago.) You are able to build the bard you want by selecting talents and edges. Most of these talents come from the core bard and archetypes. I did notice that there was less “brand new” talents than in past products. (But at this point there are so many archetypes to borrow from.) In particular, I liked Masquerade edge which lets you choose a talent from another class. And the various talents which let you add ½ your level to all x checks. My tiny nit was that there were not more edges (more powerful than a talent) and that cantrips was an edge. I would give the product a 4+, but I will round up because I really like the Talented line.

Looking forward to more Talented and hopefully someday a hardcover compilation.

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More goodies for the Talented Witch


Curse Bag says it all for me.

Buy the whole Talented Hero line. You won't be disappointed.

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Another great product in a great line.


The Genius Guide to the Talented Witch is part of the Talented Hero line. I own and enjoy them all. Do you like how archetypes can make your character a bit different than the core class? Talented takes that to 11.
And Talented Witch is 57 pages long!

The core (hd, saves, skill pts) are the same as the core witch. But then each each level has talents, edges or both to make your witch exactly what you want. Many of these come from the various archetypes.

Of note - There are edges that let you play either a spontaneous caster or prepared caster.

The witch class never really interested me that much. But even I saw ways to make several versions that I would like to play.

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Cover to Cover awesome


I have enjoyed the whole RGG talented line. It allows for more flexibility to create the character you really want. It is the next step up from archetypes. Talented Ranger did not disappoint.

Want to play a ranger with no spells and no animal buddy? No problem. Want to play a ranger who bonds with his sword rather than a wolf? Bond away.

So many options – 30 pages just for all Edges, Talents, Advance Talents and Grand Talents.

I was intrigued how the different levels of spells were handled as edges. So you could create a ranger who only knew 1st level spells. Since you need to be 4th level to take spells edge, you technically don’t have spells on your list until then - so no using a wand of CLW before 4th level. I have been noodling around with my own Talented Paladin concepts, but was curious how to handle spells.

The internal artwork is the standard RGG good stuff. But extra kudos to Jacob Blackmon on the awesome cover.

Devil Slayer and Manhunter seem overly strong, but I trust in Owen King Crunch Stephens.

Overall a wonderful product. I just created a 5th level talented ranger to replace the talented barbarian who was slain in our Skull & Shackles game.

Hopefully we will see More Ranger Talents soon.

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Rogue Genius


Talented Rogue

I have enjoyed the entire talented line. It allows you the flexibility (even more than archetypes) to play the character concept you want while still being the core Pathfinder/D&D class-based system.

The rogue always felt like a flexible, but underpowered class to me. Talented Rogue amps up the flexibility and effectiveness. It also just subsumes the Ninja (which to me is really just a flavor of rogue).

With Talented Rogue, you could build a no sneak attack, no trap-finding rogue and have it be a strong niche character. While not my style, it is cool that you could do it.

Buy this and More Rogue Talents. You’ll be happy you did.

Rogue Genius..... ’nuff said.

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No more vanilla


Talented Fighter

I have enjoyed the entire talented line. It allows you the flexibility (even more than archetypes) to play the character concept you want while still being the core Pathfinder/D&D class-based system.

Talented Fighter does not have edges like the others in the talented line. But you get a talent every level that can be a talent or a combat feat. This allows a lot of flexibility and range, but it also allows a fighter to really hone in on things to be really good at it.

Talented Fighter can add spice to a kind of vanilla class. Example: War College - one time gain of 5 skill points to use in class skills.

Another one I like: Vital Combat - The fighter selects one weapon with which he is proficient. If the first attack he makes in round is made with this weapon, he may add the bonus damage dice from Vital Strike to that attack. He may also use this ability with Devastating Strike, Greater
Vital Strike, Improved Devastating Strike, and Improved Vital Strike if he has those feats. The
fighter cannot benefit from these feats more than once per turn. This overrides Vital Strike’s
normal limitation that it may only be used with an attack action.

Buy this and More Fighter Talents. You’ll be happy you did.

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Legends of Awesomeness


The other day, my son and I were watching the tv show Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. I was thinking about how I could make all the characters using Talented Monk. (Except the races.)

I have enjoyed the entire talented line. It allows you the flexibility (even more than archetypes) to play the character concept you want while still being the core Pathfinder/D&D class-based system.

The monk class really struggles with its diverse and non-synergetic abilities. Talented Monk solved all that and moves the class power level to be at least equal to the other martials. I have seen a couple of people post a link to Talented Monk in the numerous “How to fix the monk” threads on the Paizo boards. And I have to agree – whatever your vision of a monk is Talented Monk will let you build it effectively.

I especially like the deadly strikes talent allows all monk weapons (among others) to go up in damage dice like unarmed strike. 8th level shuriken at 1d8 damage plus flurry make my evil GM smile.

1 nit: I like the original cover art much better than the revised RGG cover art. The original showed a japanamation style “monk” in the cool straw hat with a thin sword.

Buy this and More Monk Talents. You’ll be happy you did.

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I have really enjoyed the whole talented line.
The Talented Barbarian came out just in time for me to play the barbarian I wanted for the Skull & Shackles game that just started. Thats what the whole talented line lets you do – play the concept you want with more flexibility than an archetype. So I thought I should do my first review on paizo.com

I liked how “rage rounds” is changed and expanded into primal reserve that fuels many edges and talents. Using the edges and talents you can build the standard barbarian or archetypes like beserker, invulnerable or mounted.

New edges:
1. Primal Resilience allows you to use your primal reserve points to add to failed saving throws.
2. Skinwalker allows the barbarian to use a form of Beast Form (with higher options later)
3. Totems allows the barbarian to be very shamanistic using oracle mysteries and cast spells.

Previously, I had not found many of the rage powers all that interesting/exciting. But now I could take mostly talents with just a sprinkle of rage powers and have a more rounded character.

This bad boy is 38 pages long and includes all the current rage powers from Paizo for easy reference.

I hope there is a More Barbarian Talents/Rage Powers coming.

Owen you Rock and Rogue !

(Tod Gagliano just changed his avatar name to Lord Sqwonk)