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Court bard actively trying to get people to defect to rebels. Thats what I would like to run as.

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Just ran my group through foxglove manor on Saturday and they were having fun with the haunts. The paladin being immune to everything in there asked if he could make a will save. I had to respond with "Be my guest, be me guest, put your will save to the test." This led to my one player enjoying himself a bit to much and came up with this song after foxglove manor. To say the least the song goes to the song "Be our Guest"

Spolied it for page space.

The Song:

"Be our guest! Be our guest!
Put your will saves to the test!
Tie your scarf around your neck, Pally
Axfixiation does rest!
Through the floor, unholy surge,
Why, we only live to purge
Try the grey stuff, it's malicious!
Don't believe me? Ask the liches!
She can sing, she can dance
She’ll force you ‘til you collapse
And a haunting here is never second best
Go on, unfold your clue
Then kill a ghoul or two,
Be our guest, Yes, our guest! Be our guest!
Mold and goo, hope and pray
You won’t survive another day
We'll infect with none to spare
all with the vilest villainy
You're alone, and you're scared
You should be, you’re unprepared
We’re all gloomy and we’re maiming
While the Hurter does the shaming.
We make knives, out of sticks
wield by ghosts, mysog’nistic
So hope your dice are fast,
or through the glass you'll crash
So be our guest
If your stressed, it's holy fire we suggest
Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!"

I played out sheriff hemlock as a small town sheriff who is an expert at small town issues like the local drunk and petty crimes. But not someone who is used to crises management so a huge goblin raid or a string of creepy murders is well out of his league. However I also made him out to seem dedicated to town and always working. Once my first player noticed this everyone stopped seeing him as useless very quickly.

That aside they thought he was sberiff useless through most of book 1aswell. I think hes one of those npcs thats tough to like at first but can easily grow on players as time goes by.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Could be a fun moment if you do a new party to encounter Nualia just as she is about to sacrafice one of the party as well.

Also story thoughts aside I ran into a tpk recently with my group and it can be a real mood killer for groups.So I would say see what your players want to do as well. Do they still want to play thier characters after that or do something diffrent?

And nobodyshom's home idea is great if they would like new characters. You can foreshadow thier encounters with the mayor later on.

It makes note of nualia makeing sacrifices to lamashtu. Its possible she would keep the party alive as prisoners in the jail cells as future offerings.

Then its an escape scenario for the ones who were just unconscious at end. Could create a rescue party or give players a way of escaping. Maybe a triple crossing Orik who wants to escape with them?

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Uh oh. Another NobodysHome campaign journal. Looks like I am going to be looking back here every day or two for the next year.

I love reading you and your players adventures.

I am gming the same path with a winter witch player and can say he has made good use of the rime spell feat. I let him take winters grasp spell from people of the north book. That lets him lock people on the ground down very well. He also took a couple of cold blasting spells to entangle anything not touching the ice.

Another idea could be the clockwork servants not sure how they match up in price to constructs but i'm almost sure they are in same price range as constructs maybe even cheaper.

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I finally finished the whole thing and all I can say is just wow. You and your group are awesome after just starting to run this campaign all I can ask is if I can't use some of your ideas for my campaign. Just started Gming fairly recently and must say this makes me want to be a better GM.

Also get better soon your players want you better im sure and I bet many of us readers do as well.