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Thanks you for your response. I agree that the two pieces you mention would certainly be a problem.

Your first quoted issue seems to be a pretty solid no on any third party content, I agree.

I interpret the second one slightly differently, based on the very last word. They would be granted the right to use, reproduce etc etc the mod. Not content from the mod.

But regardless of how its interpreted, I don't quite understand how certain popular overhaul mods are even possible with Paradox's policy. I could name three just off the top of my head that would be in violation. I've asked their forum moderator, who has been leading the discussion on their modding policy, for his insights into this problem.

Hopefully he can clear this up. I'll await his response for now.

Paradox's Mod Policy:

Now, I don't speak Legal, but I do know that the Game of Thrones mod for CK2 (which uses the same mod policy) has been very popular, and has survived the public eye without getting cease and desisted by any party.

Lately I have been seriously considering creating a Golarion overhaul mod for the grand strategy game Europa Universalis 4.

I've been doing research, and tinkered around with EU4's game files, and now fully believe that I can make it a fun and well working mod, and a good representation of Golarion.

One last thing I need to be certain of before I start a project of this scale, is its legality. Which brings me to my question:
Would such a mod be allowed under Paizo's community use policy?

An important thing to note when considering the question:
The mod itself would be non commercial. Using the mod would however require ownership of the game Europa Universalis 4. How would that work under the CUP?

I can give more information about what I'm planning, in case more is needed to answer my question, or if people are curious.

I care highly for archetypes that remove spellcasting from non-high caster classes. I don't always feel like playing a semi-spellcaster, and it makes the classes a lot more multi-class friendly. So please include one for each partial caster! (Also, can we get one of those for bards please)

My favourite would be:

Ranger: Ilsurian Archer, which is setting specific but the early access to bullseye shot is just a lot of fun.

Paladin: Tempered Champion, more fight in my paladin instead of spells.

Other than those, I like archetypes that significantly change the playstyle, open up another possible playstyle for that class, or open up new interesting multi-class possiblities.

Rogue: Scout, for it invites you to play a mobile and even charging rogue instead of your typical backstabby rogue, despite being a simple archetype. Mix with barbarian/fighter/slayer for extra fun?

Monk: Zen Archer, a big change from the default monk and suddenly you're an archer.

Alchemist: Vivisectionist, where rogue meets alchemist for an interesting dastardly variaty.

John Woodford wrote:
For everyone.

Awesome, thanks!

I would have been kind of bummed out if I had to wait for another two weeks. I would've subscribed if there was a non-credit card option... (Mopes away in a corner)

Will player's guide be out for everyone, or just for subscribers for now?